Corelink Radio – Interview with Zion (6/20/09)

Check out all the new music and the interview with Zion.

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1. Community, Tedashii, Identity Crisis
2. Breakem Off, I.N.O.V.I.A., Dreams
3. Can't Lie, Cas Metah, Dimension Tide
4. Like You Never Did, Sauce, Biblical Teachings Through Rhymes & Beats
5. Grace & Mercy, 2 Edge, While I'm Still Breathin'

6. Play your role, J.A.Z. & Magellan, Alive
7. Hold Me, Terry Did'Um, The Streets are watching
8. Trouble, Zion, Trouble
9. Remind Them, Zion, Trouble
10. My last prayer, Zion, Trouble

Interview with Zion,

11. Oxy Clean, Glo, It's Official
12. Kobe Byrant on 'em, Shames Worthy,
13. The League, R-Swift, Soapbox
14. Angel, ReyKing, Young God
15. Genesis 18, Hazakim, Theophanies
16. Lost in Sin, Sauce, Biblical Teachings Through Rhymes & Beats
17. Like Christ, Twiceborn, Living Testimony
18. Why is it so hard, Soul the Interrogator, Prawdukt

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