Ham 104 – The Giving: How to enjoy the holidays without the family fighting!

The holidays are about giving thanks, celebrating family, and resting. But for some, the holidays are the most dreaded days of the year…because somebody is going to hurt someones feeling and a fight is going to jump off! Sean, Cook, and True give you tips on having a fun filling, enjoyable, black-eye free holiday…listen in.

Ham 104 – The Giving: How to enjoy the Holidays without the family fighting!

–Ham News and Updates

1.Jade ( Feat.Coffee )-Be Myself
2.Lettia Martin-Free 2 Exit
3.Braille-Walking Loud
4.The Washington Projects-Come Back To Me

—Where does Thanksgiving come from?

1.Willie Will-Change Man
2.Japhia Life-Think What We Had
3.Sivon-Flood Waters
4.Stephen The Levite-Qna

—What Thanksgiving looks like at our houses

1.Phirear-Fire Fall Down
2.R-Swift ( Feat.Psalmist,Butta P )-That Girl
3.Wit & Dre Murray-Danerous

–Thon em hour – Tips on having a black-eye free Thanksgiving

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