The Most Dangerous Place For Black People In America

Where is the leading cause of death for black people in America?!! If you were to ask most people around the world this question. You would get a barrage of answers.

The streets, gangs, black on black crime, H.I.V. , too much FRIED CHICKEN (that one is an epidemic that I suffer from personally J ) etc. Everyone knows and recognizes that there are significant issues plaguing the Black community in America. The thing that I find most interesting is that whenever people begin to rattle of their list, there seems to be one answer that is consistently left off of it. That answer, is ABORTION!!!

I know some of you all are thinking OHH CRAP!! I knew it was just a matter of time before the holy culture community became political. Here comes the political Jargon, should we let our faith influence our politics, when does life begin, blah blah blah.

For those of you who feel like that, you can take a sigh of relief.  As this is the first in a series of articles I am saving most of the really juicy stuff for the follow-up articles. Second I plan to leave the politics completely out of the discussion. So no worries about whether I’m going to tell you how to vote or not.  But don’t be deceived I do plan on challenging conventional thought. I paln to deal with some of the controversial issues like when life begins, rights of a woman, and really nasty topics like rape, incest and abortion; as well as the emotional and physical impacts of abortion on WOMEN. So stay tuned for those articles in the near future. But in this article I really just want to FOCUS ON THE STATS!!

Here is the truth. Every day in America 3,315 abortions happens. That is 1,209,975 (One million, two hundred nine thousand, nine hundred seventy five) human beings killed each year (Crazy Huh!!). That in itself is catastrophic genocide but what compounds that problem is that an astronomical amount of those are black children, 37%. Which is a 2.9 time higher rate than white children and a 1.0 time higher rate than that of Hispanic children. That’s 1227 out of the 3,315 per day or 447,855 black children a year. Almost half a million children in the black community every year.

Now, if you’re like me raw data and numbers themselves don’t bring it home. So to help out The Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN) put together a lovely visual for us to check out. It shows the stats for the top five leading causes of death for African Americans from 1973-2001. And guess what the stats show. Abortion has claimed more than two and a half times as many African-American lives as all of them combined, and that was just until 2001. The numbers are so much higher now in 2010.

The US census said that it takes 2.1 children for a family to reproduce itself or maintain its population. Guess what the average number of kids are in the black community? .08

That means we are aborting our black children faster than we are replacing our black families.

I know at this point some of you are thinking, “SO WHAT SCRIPT?!!!” What does all this mean?!! WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO GET ACROSS?!!

Well I’m glad you asked!!

Number one, by shear numbers alone I want you to think about the impact that 16 million African- Americans could have on our country. You talk about earning power, voting power, potential scientists, educators etc.

Second the greatest strength of the African-American community has always been the family. If you search our history the one constant value we held onto no matter what else was stripped from us was family. Even when slave fathers were taken away from their families, when they saved enough to buy their freedom they would continue working in order to save enough to go find their families and buy their freedom as well. Abortion tears at the fabric of this core value and… ( I was about to diatribe, so before I digress)



The leading cause of death is ABORTION!!! And most dangerous place of Black people in America is in THE WOMB OF THEIR MOTHERS!!!! The place where they face the highest probability of death.

And one of the few places it seems that Holy Hip-Hop has yet to seriously approach or address.  We take so much time addressing the other ills in our society (gangs, drugs, etc). Let’s deal with this one family. The one that is producing more death and pain than all of the other ones combined.   For the next few weeks I will be writing up a variety of articles dealing with this topic- if you got questions or things you want me to talk about hit me up and stay tuned.

Written by: SCRIPT

Script is a youth minister, discipleship leader, and member of Black Americans for Life in Kansas City, MO.

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My name is Eddie. Some know me as "Anonymous." I'm simply a dude who loves God and his family. I serve the Christian Hip-Hop Community as co-owner of Holy Culture. I'm a husband that's madly in love, a proud daddy and Youth Pastor at Cornerstone Church in FL. What else? Ah, I'm a Yankees and Celtics fan, dig all things Google and love duct taping middle schooler to the wall in my student center ; D

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