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Posted on Nov 30, 2010

Yaves The Street Pastor: Prince Among Thieves – Session 2

Phil 2:5-8 is a solid foundation for the Prince Among Thieves Sessions. Looking at these scriptures alone, one finds humility, obedience, sacrifice, and love all displayed by Christ Jesus. All of these attributes are key in the life of a believer striving to live like Christ. These ingredients mixed with the concentrated genius of Yaves’ ministry is what embodies Prince Among Thieves Session 2.

Prince Among Thieves Session 2 will give the audience an opportunity to hear the fusion of genre’s that Yaves brings to the table through his music. With over 15 years in the industry, the young veterans notoriety is neither newfound nor a fluke. His college tours, Juvenille Detention ministry, and public service are the foundation of his ministry, and more apparently; he has created a movement of “misfits” from California to all the way to Korea.

Welcome to Prince Among Thieves Session 2.

Yaves The Street Pastor: Prince Among Thieves – Session 2

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