Holy Hip Hop Group Secures Radio Show Deal

rdmj_show_logoTULSA, OK – Raw Dawg Madd Judge, a hip hop duo hailing from Tulsa and winners of Lifest 2009’s Talent Search Competition, has secured a deal with KFMY 107.9 and 94.9 FM to broadcast The Raw Dawg Madd Judge Show, a weekly 2 hour show with a potent mix of comedy, real talk, God’s Word, and the best Christian Hip Hop music in the country. The show will also be featured online at www.kfmyradio.com.

The show will feature comedy bits like “Pastor Do-Right’s Corner”, showcasing one of the show’s most hilarious characters, old-school preacher Pastor Do-Right, as well as the “The Comedy Break” segment, which will feature snippets from some of the best Christian comedians in the country. The show will take on social issues with audience interaction in “The Facebook Face-Off” segment, “The Daily Bread” segment features scriptures from the Bible as well as the message for the day, and the most up-to-date happenings in the Christian Hip Hop industry will be featured in “The Entertainment Report.”

The show is scheduled to make its debut on Super Bowl Sunday, 2/6/2011, from 12:00 noon to 2 pm. The hosts, along with their DJ, JaBeatz, are excited about the opportunity to shine some light on the Christian Hip Hop genre to the masses. Their mantra is “We may not be politically correct, but we will always be biblically correct!”

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Written by Anonymous

My name is Eddie. Some know me as "Anonymous." I'm simply a dude who loves God and his family. I serve the Christian Hip-Hop Community as co-owner of Holy Culture. I'm a husband that's madly in love, a proud daddy and Youth Pastor at Cornerstone Church in FL. What else? Ah, I'm a Yankees and Celtics fan, dig all things Google and love duct taping middle schooler to the wall in my student center ; D

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