Too Lagit To Quit!

Role Model Records logo“From counterfeit money to practicing witchcraft…I WAS THE STREETS” Say’s Dj Lagit as he explains his concept behind the world famous mix tape series “I AM THE STREETS”. Music has always been seen as one of the greatest ways to communicate a message to a wide range of people. Whether young or old, male or female…music is part of our lifestyle, therefore Dj Lagit teamed up with Role Model Records to develop a monthly mix tape, packed with the hottest and latest in urban Christian music as a pathway to witnessing to people all around the world. I AM THE STREETS is available every month as a free download on so that people can have easy access to music that glorifies God and easily download it to their phones or mp3 players to listen too as they are on their way too and from work or school. Dj Lagit is hard at work bringing the Gospel to the streets…India loves the mixtape, Afghanistan loves the mixtape, Africa loves the mixtape and it will be a blessing to you where ever you are in the world.

RMR DJ Lagit Promo Video:

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