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Klaye Creation Was Born “Frederick Highbaugh III” to Sheronna Hill and Frederick Highbaugh Jr. June 1st 1991. He always had an ear for music since he could make a Sound..Always singing..always making up songs in his head.. He Was Born into a Ministry Family and Raised Apostolic Pentecostal…Was Baptised at 7 and received the Holy Ghost with the evidence at 8.. during his Teenage years He struggled with Trying to Fit in with his peers and being lukewarm..until at age 18 when The Lord Explained his calling and mandated him To lead and walk in his Gifts.. Klaye Currently Resides in Oceanside CA..and attends Higher Dominion worship center under the covering of superintendent Dan Estell of C.o.g.i.c second jurisdiction and his Youth Pastor and Father in the Faith Elder Marcus Robinson..

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CD Name: #LipsOfKlayeVol.3
CD Release Date: 4/23/2012
Location: Oceanside
Follow Me: @KlayeCreation

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Klaye Creation✞ Gospel Artist, Producer, Preacher DOWNLOAD THE FREE MIXTAPE #LipsOfKlayeVol.3

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