Free Download: 2econd Avenue feat. FayBN “I’m Crazy (Loco Insane)”

2econd-AvenueI’m Crazy (Loco Insane) is the latest song from 2econd Avenue for his upcoming project Hello Society.  This is the second song featuring FayBN and their third time working together musically.

Being crazy is not always, and shouldn’t be taken completely as, negative. There’s a parallel culture from what the world purely defines “insane”. Insanity for a purpose expresses joy and happiness; a state of mind, body and soul that glorifies the Creator giving life to creation wholeheartedly.

David expresses this in 2 Samuel 6:14 when the Ark of God has blessed a household at the time the Ark was arriving to Israel. He revealed himself half-naked to the Israelites, who were deeply offended including his wife. When David’s wife confronted him, he replied “It was before the Lord, who chose me rather than your father or anyone from his house when he appointed me ruler over the Lord’s people Israel—I will celebrate before the Lord.”

Whether you’re blessed or not have been yet, we should celebrate God in the most crazy-loco-insane way possible. He gave us the power to praise and the power to worship Him. This is what He’s pleased with! God’s people are not reserved or complacent, rather they are outgoing and ON FIRE for JESUS! This is the message behind this record and I pray that you will share with your friends. Let’s build in character and grow in God’s grace, for which we will be blessed! Enjoy the song.

Artist Name: 2econd Avenue
Song Name: I’m Crazy (Loco Insane)

Produced by: The Editor
CD Name: Hello Society EP
CD Release Date: TBA
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Written by 2econd Avenue

Rodlin “2econd Avenue” Gelin; a Miami, Florida native of Haitian descent. 2econd Avenue grasp the art of music when he was at a humble age of eight, trying just about every instrument in class and started to sing around the same time. After all the tryouts the musical instruments available to him, his sole instrument ended up being his love for the keys. He started to take upon the keys when he was 12 years of age and took off-and-on piano classes. At the age of 13, 2econd Avenue started rapping and writing lyrics, gaining popularity among his peers.

After graduating from North Miami Senior High in 2005, 2econd Avenue started making beats at 18 after another high school friend gave him a software called HammerHead, a production program with only drum sounds. 2econd Avenue, known as “Sneaky” at the time, pursued music production even further. Through a church member he knew from Fort Myers, he was able to obtain a copy of FL Studio 5 and working his way towards building his music production catalog.

During his first two years in high school, 2econd Avenue was hanging with the wrong crowd that led him to earning bad grades, skipping classes frequently and ultimately being rebellious. This has affected him to depression and contemplating suicide. Afterwards, he was introduced to Jesus Christ in 2004 by a friend who he also went to church with and from that day, Christ changed his way and outlook on life.

Going through a few pitfalls and major struggles with his new relationship with God at that time, 2econd Avenue realizes that in order to live right, several sacrifices and a solid commitment to God needed to be made. This includes renouncing all the Hip-Hop music that related to violence, obscenity and vulgarity he was listening to and all other forms of music that did not glorify God.

All of his music is a direct, strategic and inspirational approach to share the Gospel of Christ to for many to receive Jesus as their personal savior. 2econd Avenue’s musical style is mostly Hip-Hop, with elements of other genres including Rock, Electronic, Synthwave, Alternative, Soul and R&B as well as his vast production styles are concerned, also having his first major placement with Ralph Lauren Corporation.

In 2010, he’s released his self-published EP, Paraphernalia. The success of the 8-track experiment has garnered a national reach and other parts of the world. 2econd Avenue has experienced great success as a music producer. He has produced for local and national recording artists such as Lil’ Prophet (Real Word Records), Fynishline, Spence Taylor, Kreative Avenue (a band 2econd Avenue’s involved in), A&I and more. He has recently opened up for Braille during Braille’s Native Lungs Tour in South Florida and shared the stage with other Gospel acts: Twenty2 G-Crew, 2Edge, FayBN, Fynishline, Carmen Skyy and more.

2econd Avenue’s upcoming project Hello Society, features 7 new songs which emphasizes a cultural awareness from a biblical worldview and urging people from many backgrounds and beliefs to unite in ushering a new inventory of love, peace, kindness, faithfulness and joy daily.

“The best thing about using the gift God gave me, that it’s specifically designed to unify many people for a purpose that is greater than ourselves and I’m certain many artists of the Gospel can agree to that unanimously.” – 2econd Avenue

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