[podcast.] Rap Fest Radio: Episode #127 – “Kei-Kei”

rfr320x3201 This is our last episode of 2012. We get to chop it up with rapper, spoken word artist and singer “Kei-Kei”. Watch and find out more about her music and ministry as well as the “NOT ON MY WATCH” Movement.

Connect with Kei Kei on twitter (@Kei2Music)

Connect with Rap Fest on twitter (@rapfestradio)

Key Words: Music, Hip Hop, Kei Kei, Bert Bocachica, Rap Fest Radio, Spoken Word, Rap, last show


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Playlist: Video: “Breaking All The Rules” by: Heesun Lee feat: Kei Kei
Music: “Masterpiece” by: Jin feat: Kei Kei
Music: “Groan” by: Kei Kei
Music: “Ready To Go” by: Kei Kei

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