[audio leak.] Evangel (of Christcentric) — Hey Mr. Gravity

This song has been removed at the request of Evangel.  From Evangel:

“Dear brothers & sisters, we have taken the “Hey Mr Gravity” song down, we wanted to express our concerns for our brother. We realized that the song was probably not the best way to do it. Our goal is to see the body of Christ united and never to cause division. We still feel very strong about our views which were express in the song and we will have a statement by next week God willing fully explaining why we did the song and our concerns for our brother Lecrae and his new methodology. We pray that there will be a public forum so that we may be able to discuss these issues for the benefit of the body of Christ. Grace and Peace.”

Watch Evangel share about the reaction of ‘He Mr. Gravity’ here.

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Evangel of Christcentric releases new single ‘Hey Mr. Gravity’ responding to Lecrae’s latest song ‘(rebel) -vs- Gravity’.

The debate in question is not a new one in CHH circles. Both Lecrae and Evangel make excellent points. But, who’s position ultimately gives God glory? How do we reach the hip-hop community with the Gospel of Christ without compromise?

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Written by Anonymous

My name is Eddie. Some know me as "Anonymous." I'm simply a dude who loves God and his family. I serve the Christian Hip-Hop Community as co-owner of Holy Culture. I'm a husband that's madly in love, a proud daddy and Youth Pastor at Cornerstone Church in FL. What else? Ah, I'm a Yankees and Celtics fan, dig all things Google and love duct taping middle schooler to the wall in my student center ; D


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  1. Im tired of hearing dudes like this. Where is the love for a dude who God have graced with an amazing platform. Instead of hating what he is doing pray that God would keep him encouraged cause it must be hard for him.

    • Why is it that whenever a Christian disagree with another he is called “A Hater” All Evangel did was a respond to what Lecrae has said and done publicly. There’s love for Lecrae and this is why Evangel is correcting him.

      • I’m not saying that Evangel hates Lecrae, rather that he doesn’t like what Lecrae is doing, and how can you correct something that is not wrong. There is nothing wrong with what Lecrae is doing and why should we be the the final authority on it. It’s Gods job to judge unless you feel completely self righteous and that you are with out sin. And I’m not saying that you can do what ever you want and just rely on Gods grace but before you write a diss track really think long and hard about if it will help or hinder the body of Christ, in my opinion diss tracks do not help anyone because all it does is tear down another person and when that person has a ministry like lecraes it just looks like jealousy.

        And in saying all that, this is just my opinion which may or may not be 100% correct, I’m fallable and human and really not after any major arguments, just wanted to share my thoughts

        • I totally agree with you PLLLC. If God has graced him (LeCrae) with this particular platform then we who don’t hold such a platform should be praying all the more for Crae that God would keep him from temptation so that our GOD’s Name could be made known to this nation which claims to know HIM, the Americas, as in Isaiah 48:1-11 where Israel made a LOT of mention about God but not in TRUTH or RIGHTEOUSNESS……maybe, just maybe the GOD whose ways are higher than ours is working on hard hearts to bring them to repentance, just like he did ours.

  2. “Being children in the kill zone, that care about skills shown/

    Think of drowning, no lifeguard and a millstone/

    That’s where you dropped the ball like its a fumble/

    Cause socially, yours posts could be causing them to stumble/”

    This verse is a wake up call…..Thanks Evangel for the rebuke. If you really love God’s word these verses will hit in a different way, a more excellent way. Roman 14 is very clear but it is being misused for those who are looking for the default or the backdoor to live according to our own “sinful” conscience. When did we exhort christian liberties above the living word…..Idolatry.

    I think Lecrae will not like this today, but will love this tomorrow….GOD bless you Evangel for publicly addressing this elephant in the room with polka dot hoody on.

    I have no affiliation with Evangel in anyway….but got rebuked the same which was loud and clear.

    Prov 12:1 Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.

    1 Timothy 5:20-22 Them that sin, rebuke openly, that the rest also may fear. I charge thee
    before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect Angels, that thou
    observe these things, without preferring one to another, and do nothing

    Thank you

  3. WOW PRAISE GOD!!!! Sometimes I wonder if any one else other than flame was noticing the direction he has been going and willing to address it. I just hope that this is not forgotten a week from now. I call for a Public Forum!!!!

  4. This was a classic dis track. He took Lecrae’s own track and attacked Lecrae personally, not just people like him who have this mind frame but Lecrae only (Dear Mr. Gravity). He attacked not only his methods but his charter and judged that Lecrae is no longer focused on the great commission. I did not see any love in this, and I hate the direction I see things going in CHH. Christ used a former gang member who I related to and “Take me as I am” by Lecrea to bring me to Christ. Typical CHH is great for new believers but Take me as I am was the only track I Real talk or any other CHH album at that time that I could stand until grew and began to understand more and wanted to learn more. When Rebel dropped I thought the quality was better so I gave it to my dude in prison but he could not relate and he thought it was lame (keep in mind I had some what of a church background, he had none). I gave my friend Braille’s album tho n that’s when things started make some movements. After that when Rehab dropped I gave him Just like you, which he loved and now Gravity which continues the trend and stirs up great conversations about Christ and His view of our world. As Christians we may not see Gravity as a CHH album but non-believers hear Christ in that album, they also hear quality, honesty and real life issues that non believers and believers deal with. Lecrae has been clear that not every one should take the route he is. I learned a lot from CHH about Christ as a new believer, but there is music that grows people and music relates to people and meets them where they are. We need both, WE DON’T NEED DIVISION, which is mostly what I am seeing now days, and this song is just another example.

  5. My friend Kevinjs “love without truth is a liar.” I see much love from Evangel first for the gospel of Christ and secondly for a messenger that may be losing his footing. I like Lecrea but i have seen a growing shift in him. Perhaps this could help him get back to what he did best was promote Christ without the fluff. Also historically speaking men who always stand for truth especially against the church that once held God’s standard(His Word)were always hated and marginalized for just telling truth. Jeremiah, Isaiah, Malachi, John the Baptist, John Huss, John Knox, Wycliffe, & Martin Luther.
    Much Love & Grace

    • To tell the truth is loving yes, but there is a proper way to go about it. I don’t know if Evangel tried to do it biblically with the last step being to adress Lecrae publicly or not but either way I don’t feel a dis track is loving. If your mom struggles with drugs would you publicly scold her? Also what Lecrae is doing is not a sin. A positive rapper is not sinful, just like me working at my job. He is sharing Christ on the mic but more importantly in his life. He will be judged by his fruit not his music, n I still see him bearing fruit in his personal life and even with his music. Again I feel his audience has just changed, doesn’t mean he is better or worse.

  6. Reach Records producing music with secular artists (and I have almost every album put out by Reach)… “what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?” 2 Corinthians 6:14 (read the whole chapter for context especially some of the verses that follow ). Hope Reach doesn’t continue to do this.

  7. I’ve been down with Evangel since Expository Journey (great album, horrid title)… The shots at Crae don’t sound biblically based at all. When Christ sat with heathens, lepers and sinners alike and the Pharises challenged him Jesus said “the healthy don’t need doctors”.

    You don’t heal the sick or minister to sinners by circling the wagons or sniping from the rooftops.

    So many “urban Christians” want to act like the Church is above public critique and that all we’re supposed to do is wait for sinners to come groveling in pain to our feet before we reach down and help them.

    It’s really infuriating.

    God isn’t for everyone. He said as much. Everyone won’t get saved. Everyone won’t choose Christ. But you’ll never convince me that sniping at cats trying to reach folk where they at and how they live as Christ did is gonna make the mission any better or more effective.

  8. One more thing:

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with Billy Corgan… He’s the founder of a multiplatinum band big in the 1990s called Smashing Pumpkins. He recently said “God is the third rail of Rock and Roll.” He said God and a relationship with God is the final frontier regarding topic/perspective for mainstream rock acts to discuss.

    When the interviewer asked him “well what do you say to the Christian artists who’ve been doing this for years already?”

    His response: “Make better music.”

    When I heard that, I immediately thought of CHH… One issue that many CHH artists refuse to accept about Lecrae is that a big part of his success isn’t “watering down the gospel” but rather he simply makes good music and has largely gotten better as an artist with each release.

    God used Saul, King James and all manner of unclean toxic, sin-filled folks to spread His word. But CHH has spent the last 3 years spazzing out because Lecrae works with “secular” artists?!

    Are you guys for real?

    Show me the perfect CHH artists worthy of God? Show those CHH cats born-clean from birth who’ve never sinned… Because by the standards of Lecrae-bashers, those are the only ones worthy of our support.

    How about all the cats who’ve cheated on their wives, become so filled with their own self-aggrandizement and self-piety that CHH gives a pass on just to trash a guy because he has friends and colleagues who ain’t saved?

    This has gotten ridiculous.

  9. I think this is good for ppl who think Lecrae shouldn’t collab with “secular” rappers. As long as Lecrae is glorifying God in his songs with other artist (which he does) he is doing nothing wrong. Basically Lecrae is helping the people YOU ALL think are to far gone or to lost. Shame on you. The end will come when the harvest is right. Wheat and Weeds must grow together but when harvested they will be seperated

    The Parable of the Weeds
    24 Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. 25 But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. 26 When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared.
    27 “The owner’s servants came to him and said, ‘Sir, didn’t you sow good seed in your field? Where then did the weeds come from?’
    28 “‘An enemy did this,’ he replied.
    “The servants asked him, ‘Do you want us to go and pull them up?’ 29 “‘No,’ he answered, ‘because while you are pulling the weeds, you may uproot the wheat with them. 30 Let
    both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the
    harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be
    burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.’”.

  10. It’s sad to see where people take things now days especially within the Church. but at the same time we are human and my view might not match your view. One thing I can say about Lecrae is that dude is real and he doesn’t pass judgement and I know of people in the industry that he disciples. It’s interesting to me that Church Clothes is one of the most respected mixtapes in history. I can’t tell you the number of people who aren’t believers or strong believers who love it and then go and listen to his earlier music. No one knows what God is up to and no one has a clue how many people have given themselves to God after hearing Church Clothes or even considered the thought. There’s an unnoticed ministry that we are foolish to. If you have any concerns just pray and ask God to guide him. It’s difficult to judge motive. Being so theological is a slippery slope because you often lose heart and become judgemental.

  11. Attention Christian artist and artists with a conscience, if you don’t agree with something said by another artist, it is of the worlds standards to make a song rebuking or correcting that which you do not agree with (Matthew 18:7), right or wrong the Bible says to discuss the issue personally with that person, (Matthew 18:15-17) Let the mud be used to give sight to the blind, not to stain the garments of the brethren.- J.stone #We_Talk_Bible

    • out of context brotha. matt 18 is referring to a believer who sins against you personally. its not talking about public disagreements. plus this is hip hop right. why folk getting mad when its just music at the end of the day according to many

  12. First of all, this arguing ad division amongst Christian rappers and brothers and sisters in Christ is exactly what evil delights in. Evil lurks and attacks what becomes a threat to him. Secondly we are all given different gifts and talents and those that may have the same talent can use them in different ways. As Christians we are called to serve but not everyone Christian has to leave their own backyard to do soThere are teachers out there….some teach preschool, some elementary, highschool, colleges & universities. Evangel may continue using his gift within the church where now God has called Lecrae to reach a different mass of people. Through God, Lecrae has been able to do what clearly none of the rest of us “listeners” have had the talent or know how to do and that is directing people toward the faith. We are ALL human and we are all trying to do the best we can. We can find facts and fault and beauty in both sides of this argument but at the end of the day this is God’s call, God’s judgement. Let’s continue to pray for each other and instead of tearing apart artists work appreciate that both sides have God at work in their lives and that they are each taking their gift public. Thirdly, I encourage everyone to take a closer look at everything they surround themselves in. Do we pay as much attention to the brands of clothes we put on our back, who they are endorsed by and where they are made? Do we go to the movie theaters and watch gory horror films that only glorify evil? Do we sit at home and play video games that promote vandalism/murder/war? Fourthly, why do we criticize anything or anyone “Christian” that actually produces some good material? Do we really want to continue putting out cheesy crap that non Christians have no interest in? Give these people a break…..we are so quick to speculate but what are we doing ourselves out there?! Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

  13. OK, so am I the only one who can just sit back and appreciate the lyricism, creativity and skill that it took to even put this together?? Evangel’s skills are amazing. Ok, now, to the bigger issue (I guess). It’s Evangel’s opinion of Lecrae. It’s Flame’s opinion of Lecrae. It’s Lecrae’s opinion of Lecrae and Lecaes’s prerogative to rap how he raps. I’m guessing that in a month or so, they will all talk, discuss it, agree to agree or agree to disagree and keep it moving. Where the problem will be is all of the FAN’s that have chosen sides like there is any other side to chose but the Lord’s side. And who’s on the Lord’s side? Thanks for asking…..those that are doing the work. I thank God for Lecrae and what he brings, I’m thankful for the Flames, Evangels, Shai Linne’s, Andy Mineo’s, Gemstones, everyone that has taken this gift, this tapestry of rap/hip hop and using it to promote God, promote a Bibliocentric view, Christian Music, some music with life and not that death through ear strangulation. I will gladly stand out on this island alone and say that I LOVE WHERE THE CHRISTIAN RAPPER OR THE RAPPER THAT”S CHRISTIAN has taken this art form to. I know that God is still God and He’s in control. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit that is dwelling in all of these brothers and sisters lead and guide them in what they say, do and how they rap and represent God. Blessings to all…. BTW did I say how much I loved the artistry and lyricism in this???? Oh yeah the idea of Mr Rebel vs Mr Gravity was kinda sick too… Loving Christian Hip Hop these days. Guess I’m the only one.

  14. What ever happened to the scripture that says open rebuke is better than a secret love? and FAITHFUL are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful? And if what Lecrae is doing in error is being done in the open, why can it not also be addressed openly? Isn’t that what we are called to do? To rebuke, reprove, correct, and exhort with longsuffering and SOUND doctrine?So why all of a sudden people have to go behind closed doors, when the error in doctrine is being done openly? And why is it cool for Lecrae to call out a preacher who may be in error in his rhymes, but then when others see he is in error, nobody can say nothing to him? Where were you all at who screaming people need to “show love” to Lecrae, but when he was busting out preachers in his rhymes, nobody was telling Lecrae he needs to show those preachers love too? Seems like some of us has respect of persons to me, and many of us are dangerously walking on that fine line of idolatry. Let’s be sure we self check.

    • I agree, I think any rebuke in public or personally, needs to consider it’s tone and level of love in it. At the end of the day the true question is, are you an entertainer for musics purpose, or a worshiper for Gods glory.

  15. Evangel is right. Lecrea is deceiving himself by thinking his new approach is going change even his idol Kendrick Lemar. Is the Holy Spirit that changes people. Lecrea is a fame seeker and his compromise is non biblical. His new approach was Sho Baraka brainchild but Sho himself has never and will never go that far as Lecrea is going. We don’t have to compromise to get the world’s attention, we just have make good biblical music, give good biblical punch lines and let the Holy Spirit do the convictions and conversions. How can u go from Rebel to dissing the Church(Church Clothes).

    • if you listen to church clothes he was speaking like a sinner. he was actually mimicking or mocking those who don’t go to church and have excuses not to go listen to the song again.

  16. Evangel may have some valid concerns as many other believers including myself do. However, I feel that this “diss” track is the wrong approach. Time will tell if Lecrae’s direction is Holy Spirit led or self led. If God is ordering his steps then we will see the fruit of it. From listening to his music, I do not see where Lecrae is misguided. Gravity contained Biblical themes and teaching in every song and he boldly proclaimed his faith on songs like “Tell the World.” I hope and pray that Big Krit and the other secular rappers he has worked with got to see a godly example in Lecrae and that they would come to know Christ! We don’t have to preach a sermon to every new convert. Leave that to after they are converted. Maybe Lecrae is somewhat misguided in his approach. Does this mean that everyone who disagrees with him is going to put out a “diss” record? How would this help the Body of Christ and what kind of witness would it be to the world?

  17. Personally I’m Not Gonna Reply With A Long ParaGraph Or What Not,But I Would Like To Say That In The Bible,Daniel The Third Chapter Show’s Us How We Are To Represent Christ In All Genre’s Of Music,And That Is To Not Flow With Every Kind Of Music Just Because It Sounds Good,I’m Am A Ex Secular Producer That Had The Platform With Big Name Artist That Has Faded Away Today,But I Said All Of That To Say This Since I’ve Been Converted Alot Of Christian Rap Artist Has Fallen Away As Well!!!

    • Stay in courage brother.Stay in courage the bible says their will be a falling away and if the deceiver could even the elect would be deceived. that is why we must trust in God pray not just for us and form alliance or counsel not so they can be like the pharisees and saducees self righteous but so christian hip hop will be checked. not letting everything slide. we need to start a summit for the christian community and hip hop without making it an idol o being self-righteous making sure Jesus stays the center reason for the music . From your sister in Christ

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