[video.] Evangel speaks on reactions to Hey Mr. Gravity

Just in case you missed it, you can get the full background here.

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  1. I have no respect for someone who uses a ‘diss track’ to criticize a fellow CHH artist. You couldn’t call Lecrae up personally? How can you attract non-christians when you tear each other down?

    • Let’s not go overboard and start condemning Evangel because he spoke from the heart. If you listen closely and examine the context of his song, you will see that he is addressing a larger issue in CHH. After listening to Lecrae’s song, I too wondered where he was coming from and what were his motives behind the song. Please keep in mind that Paul had to address Peter face-to-face, in love, concerning his actions in Galatians, so no one is above reproach except Christ. I pray that these two brothers will have an opportunity to speak about this issue, and provide clarity from both sides. Until that time, I will be in prayer for both.

      • I’m not claiming that anyone is above reproach. My point is that Evangel should have gone and talked to Lecrae face-to-face or called him or sent an e-mail. Furthermore, he’s assuming Lecrae’s motives. He doesn’t know what is going on behind the scenes, and so I don’t think he (or anyone) is in a position to say what his motives are.This kind of ‘diss track’ does nothing to help the body and only facilitates division.

        • In Evangel’s video, he states that he attempted to reach out to discuss this in more detail, but was unsuccessful. Now you are correct that he “assumed” Lecrae’s motives, but that’s all anyone can do who does not have a personal relationship with Lecrae or any artist for that reason. I think its important to remember that those who have the talent to paint word pictures in the form of rap be mindful of what and how they convey a message. The question I would like to ask Lecrae, and I’m sure many others is “what was the reason for making Rebel vs Gravity?” What message were you trying to convey? How does this song edify the body or draw unbelievers to Christ? In my opinion, I think that’s the question Evangel is asking in his song, as well as, trying to caution him to be careful how he handles his platform. There is a great weight of responsibility for those in CHH to convey a message, not matter how they choose to do it, to make sure at the end of the day Christ is exalted. Lastly, Evangel may have reacted and responded too quickly, but I don’t see it as a “diss track” but mainly as a person displaying a sincere concern about a possible “bad” direction he assumes his brother-in-Christ is heading. Nevertheless, he does confess his sins and as Christ forgave us, we should forgive him.

          • It doesn’t change the fact that Evangel’s stunt has all the smell of a desperate attempt to generate free publicity. He got what he wanted didn’t he? I’m here talking about a guy I hadn’t heard of until a week ago. Whatever, I’m done.

      • How many times exactly did he try? Did he try a phone call, e-mail, text, letter, etc before making a ‘diss track’? How much effort did he really put into contacting Lecrae? Or did he always intend to rush out with a diss track to generate free publicity via manufactured controversy?

        • Kristen, I have read your posts to me and Rukus, and in my opinion, you seem to be very unforgiving of Evangel. You continue to refer to his tracks as “diss tracks.” I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and can remember all of the “diss tracks” from back in the day, and let me say Evangel’s track was nothing close to a “diss track.” If you want to hear a “diss track” listen to LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee, KRS-One and MC Shan, Common and Ice Cube, LL Cool J and Canibus, etc. These rappers NEVER asked for forgiveness after dissing their opponent and NEVER will. Rukus is correct; we don’t know how many times Evangel attempted to reach, no pun intended, Lecrae, nor do we know if Lecrae just didn’t want to be reached. You also stated in one of your posts that “I’m here talking about a guy I hadn’t heard of until a week ago.” Well Evangel has been around for a while, and anyone who’s been listening to CHH for a while knows Evangel and knows he is all about glorifying God and not himself. His body of work is speaks for itself, even if he is not as familiar or famous as Lecrae. Despite the directness of Hey Mr. Gravity, lyrically it’s on point and well constructed. If you get the chance, please go check out ChristCentric and Evangel’s past work; also I ask that you not be so critical when people make mistakes. Remember, be careful of how we judge, lest we be judged by the same measures. Peace be with you!!!

          • First, it is a ‘diss track’ however you slice it because it is intended to badmouth Lecrae. Secondly, are you seriously using secular artists are yard sticks to measure how diss tracks should be regarded? Evangel is a CHH artist & is putting himself out as a christian to be held to a higher standard of acting right. What do you even mean by Lecrae ‘didn’t want to be reached’? How do you know that? Even if so, that does not give Evangel the license to go & start trash-talking a fellow CHH artist.
            True, I’m new to CHH, but my point is that this kind of conduct is distasteful. I’m not criticizing the content of what is actually said in the track. Evangel may have valid points but the fact that he chose to put out a diss track to make his point, I immediately write-off whatever he has to say & his opinion means nothing.

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