[download.] Asaint “Pushaman” Ft Kindle Flame & Jay Bird

ASAINTs expression on Pushaman was inspired by the soulful sounds Curtis Mayfield and the era of free artistic expression. From a dealers perspective ASAINT, along with Kindle Flame and Jay Bird view their own lives and attempts to share the most powerful, tangible and intangible thing known to man. Something that has been tried, tested and proven. Something that heals, restores, and redeems the lives of those who need it. It is hope in the life and finished work of Jesus Christ. The Untitled Mixtape set fro release April 21, 2015.

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Written by asaintmusic

With an eclectic sound and dynamic performance style, it's hard to fit Brock Jones aka "Asaint" into a categorical box. Hip hop, spoken word, soul anthems and acoustic driven ballads describe the versatility in his music. Asaint stirs the hearts of Boomers and Millennials with his powerful anthems and charismatic stage presence. Asaint is from Pittsburg Tx but now resides in Dallas Tx. He has blazed a trail across the globe releasing a sound that illuminates from the Gulf Coast to the East Coast and as far as East Africa to South East Asia. He is committed to using his influence as a artist to deliver quality music to a world that is in desperate need of hope and change.
ASAINTs style of hip hop is versatile and diverse. With passion and high energy He engages crowds and listeners yet at times his vibe shifts to a more poetic, neo soul feel. The purpose and vision behind ASAINT music is to plant seeds of hope and inspiration, sparking personal transformation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ intertwined with music. Musical art is something ASAINT loves dearly and Intentionally uses for expression; engaging culture through a language the whole world understands...great genuine music.

ASAINT Music, "A sound that Illuminates."

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