[listen. and watch.] Ted Smith “Heart Warming” Mixtape


The Mixtape Heart Warming is me welcoming the listener into my heart, whats has been going on in my life for the past three years. This Mixtape will give you insight on my struggles and triumphs, I feel this Mixtape is very different from a lot of other Artist due to the fact i am exposing myself, my failures, struggles,flesh and etc. I feel this Mixtape will be transparent to the listener, in addition empathy will be at the helm of this record. Be blessed and be encourage that no matter what you are going threw, you are not alone there’s others in the same struggle that you may not even know. In addition Christ is Always there with you threw it all even though we as human beings may not see or feel him at times, stay encourage and persevere. God bless peace and Love.

-Ted Smith


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