[listen.] Deyahweh “Assembled”

This is the first single off my project “Died 2 Self”, which is about dying to fleshy behaviors and desires, becoming made whole in Christ!

This single “Assembled” is clearly about being confident in knowing God created you to be who he wanted you to be with his own hands.

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Written by Deyahweh

My name is Domnique Bailey, I'm from a small town called Marshall, TX. I recently moved to Houston, TX about a year ago receiving my salvation , and love for Christ.

Been making music since the 9th grade, I've always had a strong love for music not knowing that would be my calling. I'm also a photographer, cinematographer, writer, etc... God has blessed me with many talents and I plan on glorifying him with all that he has given me, so that souls can transform back to the kingdom of God!


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  1. Continue to let god use you, for with him all things are possible and your dreams will no longer be just dreams as you can see. Love what your doing and continue to be a blessing to others by making your music. Love you!

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