Ben is Holy Culture's Editorial Team Leader, managing articles and devotionals. He describes himself as a horrible sinner who has been saved only through the grace of God. He is a lover of hip-hop and a hater of skinny jeans. He and his family live in Fort Worth, Texas.


    HolyCulture.net & SacredApparel.net have teamed up to present the “DROP TRUTH” line. The DROP Project, a free evangelistic hip-hop outreach CD, is the inspiration behind the design. For every purchase of a DROP TRUTH t-shirt, long sleeve or hoodie, HolyCulture will put free copies of the DROP Project out on the streets in order to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! More

  • Featured HolyCulture Writer Does Devotional Book

    everyday_with_my_makerFor the past year, Yodit Kifle (@yobreezy) has written a number of devotionals featured on the HolyCulture website. And now, she’s writing a 30 day devotional book that you can read at least 12 times a year! Yodit told HolyCulture, “Every Day With My Maker” is a devotional book that wants to do just that for you: open your eyes and awaken your life to the daily presence of our loving God, who is excited to have you engage Him in everything you do. He delights in your fellowship. He loves speaking to you. And He knows how much more exciting life in Him will be when you respond. Each devotional is written from personal experiences along with fresh biblical perspective on how He speaks in and through different areas of our lives. There is also an opportunity to reflect and meditate about each devotional through reflection questions and scripture verses at the end of a devotional. Through these devotionals, may your life be awakened to an Every Day God.”

    The book releases NOVEMBER 22nd and Pre-orders are this Friday, November 1st. The book can be found on Amazon.com.

    To keep connected with the book, go to www.facebook.com/everydaywmm

    To find out more about Yodit and the ministry God has entrusted her with, go to www.yoditkifle.com.


  • [news.] DROP CD Roster Announced

    May 22, 2013 – Holy Culture is proud to announce its topic and artist roster for the sophomore version of the DROP CD. TOPIC ARTIST Creation & Separation Levi the Poet Sinful Humanity Anthony Rose People of God Sean Slaughter Exodus & Law KamBINO Person of Jesus Social Club Works of Jesus Princeton Marcellis Death […] More

  • [devo.] It Takes Two Hands to Rebuild (Sandy Relief Project)

    As I look at our generation I can’t help but notice there are ruins all around us as well – physically and spiritually. My question is, Are we willing to pray and be used by God in the process of rebuilding? Even if no one is with us, are we willing to have God move and have a testimony in our generation through us as individuals and as a body? If so, let us begin to pray! More

  • [devo.] The Hurricane is Over (Sandy Relief Project)

    Written by: Heesun Lee It is always interesting to see how a community comes together after facing destruction. Some are gripping their chests from the heartache that they are still facing today, and others are back to normality, going about their days as if the hurricane never happened. Obviously some were affected harder than others, so […] More

  • [devo.] The Hurricane Is Coming (Sandy Relief Project)

    When I lived in Brooklyn, NY, the term “grocery store” was always confusing for me. I am originally from the south and after moving to NY, I immediately noticed that grocery stores are more like tiny convenient stores that are extremely under-stocked. Every time I would go to Target the shelves would be empty like there was a zombie apocalypse coming. Only in Brooklyn would it be incredibly uncommon to go to the same store and find the same kind of cinnamon rolls that you bought the week before. Now try to imagine the desolate aisles of these grocery stores in the days leading up to hurricane Sandy! My wife and I were lucky enough grab some canned goods and several bottles of water before the grocery stores were completely sold out. More

  • Three Things I’ve Learned Fasting from Christian Music

    I came to a realization that while Christian music carries colossal benefits of education, encouragement and enjoyment, it has also become a distraction to me. There have been times where I feel God leading me to pray about something and I would respond in my heart, “After this song, Lord!” More

  • A Fist of Forgiveness

    A grudge is like holding your fist really tightly and never letting go… I didn’t think I was holding anything against him; I just didn’t want anything to do with him. By him, I mean my grandfather. That guy who told all the stories, some with meaning and some just to make me laugh. I […] More