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  • Devotional: Conversations

    withinlogo2Every time I have the chance to go into New York City, whether it is for work or for fun, I’m always reminded of how much I enjoy the city environment. It can be overwhelming-especially if you’re in a car, stuck in traffic; but for me, there is something about that many people going about their daily lives that makes me expectant on experiencing a non-dull moment. And trust, there is never a dull moment in the city…all you have to do is embrace the art of people watching 😉

    Everyone is on a mission to get to somewhere in the city. And more often the not, as many people exist in that city, it’s surprising that there is so much disconnection. Eyes are kept on phones. Ears glued to music. And sometimes when I’m there, I have been guilty of doing the same: focused on my destination with my music as my soundtrack. However, that was interrupted yesterday. More

  • Stick and stones may break my bones…

    Stick and stones may break my bones but words would never harm me.”


    Remember that nursery rhyme?  I said it often in middle school when taunted however I have a confession, words do hurt  and hurt deeply. In fact, degrading words leave scars. More often than not I’d prefer a punch to the face than being mocked by peers in front of friends. Besides, I look cool with a black eye.

    A bruise will eventually heal however, being the punchline of a joke usually takes years to stop hurting.  Till this day my self-confidence is haunted by the name calling in sixth grade.  My initial reaction, physical retaliation. I wanted to defend my dignity. I wanted those taunting me to feel the humiliation I felt. More

  • Where You At Devotional by The Ambassador

    Where You At? Lyrics Song Explanation

    “Save, O LORD, for the godly one is gone; for the faithful have vanished from among the children of man (Ps 12).” The psalmist feels lonely, or at least out numbered as he dwelt among a people in which godly orientation was in the minority. I can remember when I felt the same way within the context of the hip hop generation/culture. As I looked around at my indigenous cultural context, I would say, “help Lord the godly is gone…they’ve vanished!” This reality produced the personal conviction in me that the most appropriate reaction to that deficit was missions aimed at the hip hop people group. If the godly are few, and the servants of Christ are minimal, the gospel must go forth and bear fruit. Almost 20 years later a rich harvest of souls is being enjoyed and the gospel continues to bear fruit. However, where there is spiritual progress there will be an enemy of all that is good seeking to blunt the impact, stump the momentum, and stop the progress. Sadly he is often affective even though ultimately the gates of hell will not prevail! The song Where You At? is written out of a sense that there is a reason to believe that there has been a noticeable decrease and diminishing of missional people and principles among the hip hop context. We’re not absent, but it is sure harder to find what used to be abundant. Where you at? There you go! More

  • Christ-less Christians

    judgementalWhat defines Christians in this postmodern world? Is it our Christ-likeness, our heart, our deeds, our attitude? Perhaps it’s that beer we have with our neighbor or is it that judgmental stare when our values are challenged. What perceptions are we leaving first hand on a nation clearly bent on mocking the God we “sort-of” worship? I wonder if our life is a fruitful witness or ammunition to tear down the legacy Jesus left?

    Max Lucado said, “To call yourself a child of God is one thing. To be called a child of God by those who watch your life is another thing altogether.” More

  • What’s Your Purpose


    Why was I created? What is my purpose? How about you, do you know why you are here?  Why do you exist? Do you have a purpose?

    I mean, were we created to consume hours of youtube videos while enjoying a bag of Funions on the couch? Really, how many twerking clips of Miley Cirus can you watch? Or maybe our purpose is to solve the infinite levels of Candy Crush.  That’s definitely not my mission in life.  I can’t make it out of level 92.  It’s been about a month. Tips, anyone? More

  • “Deserter” Devotional by The Ambassador

    Song Explanation

    Music is all about “trends.” It both models and molds the trends that we all follow. In light of this reality, I would suggest that Christ’s representatives cannot allow the “trends” to dictate whether or not we faithfully use our music for the sake of Christ. According to Col. 1:16, “all things were made by Him and for Him.” This does not mean all music must be “religious” in nature, but all of our music should be sifted through the sieve of Christ’s desires so that the outcome of our music is something pleasing to Him. Deserter is all about the ever-present vulnerability and susceptibility to “drifting” from faithfulness to Christ’s person and purposes. There was a time where even in Christian music, doctrine or theological substantive material was almost taboo because it was seen as a liability from the business perspective. I would even agree with that. The industry does not welcome the mind of Christ or anything that makes too much of Him. However, God graced a movement within music where this “trend” gained momentum and even made some people a lot of money. In spite of this, there is always the danger of the drift that can take place in a heart, a group, or an industry. Deserter appeals to us not to be blindsided by this reality, and not to give in. Let’s resist the devil and he will flee. More

  • How God Do It Devotional by The Ambassador

    For many musicians music is a very effective means to a variety of ends. For some, music is primarily a means of acquiring money, fame, status, etc. For others, music is most importantly a means of creative expression for the purpose of empowerment and societal impact. Of course, there are various hybrids of these goals for almost everyone, and yet for believers in the Lord Jesus another more weighty element comes into view—the glory of God. This latter idea brings us face to face with the challenge of not only the “what” but the “how” music should be used and leveraged for the purpose of bringing God glory. More

  • YAH! You See Me Devotional by The Ambassador

    Even as Hip hop culture, based on its history, is no stranger to rejection, marginalization, and the pursuit of “mainstream” acceptance, the hip hop artist that seeks to rep Jesus Christ often goes through the same trek. Jesus said that “a city on a hill cant be hid,” which means that the light of His representers should be seen, and their presence be felt—even in a culture that can sometimes be unwelcoming to anything perceived as “too preachy.” The song “YAH! You See Me” declares that Ambassador, and people of like passions, are in the mix and are committed to represent Him boldly. They can not and will not be muted or deterred from hustlin’ for the real Jesus “cause He’s a beast!” So to wake up all of those who may be sleeping, we say—“YAH! You See Me!” More

  • Hors D’oeuvres Devotional by The Ambassador

    Recently, I have been contemplating the nature of both the message and ministry which our Lord has entrusted to us who have placed saving faith in Him, and been sent into the world as His representers. It was the risen Christ who dispatched Spirit empowered believers into the world, which He described as the sending of “sheep in the midst of wolves” (Matt 10:16). More