[listen.] Humility GVMG (ft. Påtience) – Refill

HumilityGVMG is a young upcoming Artist/Producer from Virginia.

While music plays a huge part in his life and he’s been writing songs since the age of nine, he didn’t begin actually creating music until the age of eighteen when he found Jesus Christ.  Through the ups and downs in his life, he has found music to be consistent.  “Music is more than just a sound, it’s healing for the soul.”

HumilityGVMG doesn’t look to categorize himself, but simply says he is a Christian that loves making music.  “I suck at explaining my emotions. Music is the only way I can get my true emotions out, I don’t have a certain category that fits the type of music I make, It all just depends on how I feel at the time.  I hope my music can make a change to the world in a positive way in Jesus Name.”

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