[listen] Noble – Used To (ft. Sajan Nauriyal)

Used To Ft Sajan Nauriyal Lyrics:
I ain’t doin what I used to
Coolin how I used to
I ain’t movin how I used to
Ever since I found Truth
God’s makin me brand new
God’s makin me new
Noble Verse:
Shade on me, they go’n hate on me
Cuz the change HD, made it plain
Plain to see, I’ve got God in me
Got that light in me, way it beam
Satan like mayne where you been
Been a lil while since we kicked through some sin
That’s a T.B.T. Truly Bound Type me
Thank You God, I’m free from the chains
Sajan Nauriyal Verse:
Thought I wouldn’t make it, I was flat out on my back
Jesus picked me up and flipped the script on the attack
Angels on my team, I guess my team’s been lookin stacked
Walking in the sun, now I’m lookin like I’m Nash
Shooting last, doing laps
I ain’t ever going back
Satan tried to call me on the phone, told him leave it in the past
God just said to shoot my shot, now I’m lookin like I’m strapped
I know Jesus got it covered, I ain’t ever need no cap.

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