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[watch.] JXHN PVUL- Come Alive

The story behind Come Alive is describing a bit of our testimony about the life that God rescued us from. We spent a lot of our life destroying ourselves spiritually, physically, and mentally. But once we came to the Cross, Jesus set us free and did a complete work in us. We truly became alive. 

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[song of the day.] Backseat Freestyle (Remix) by Bumps INF, Flo & Bizzle (God Over Money)


I gotta be honest – if you’re gonna try and take a Kendrick Lamar beat and use it on a mixtape, you had better do it justice. Not only was Good Kid, M.A.A.D City one of the best mainstream Hip-Hop albums arguably of the decade, but Kendrick’s version of “Backseat Freestyle” is one of his most signature songs. Good thing the God Over Money Team wrecks this.

Peep some of the lyrics from the first verse by Bumps INF:

All my life I want money and power
Respect my mind or die from sin’s curse
I admit it I did dirt
You did it I did worse
A hell, yeah living like a felon
Rebellin from His Word
I promise that He ain’t finished
I’m liable still to blow it
Fighting sin if you notice
But minus Him I’m a no one
Liable just to slide again
Vicodin with a cold one
A Heineken
I lose sight again
Why is sin so bogus?!

I’m not gonna spoil the rest for you. The flow is consistent and as always, the mixture of the team adds for a nice balance. Flo murders his part and Bizzle, as always, leaves you in disbelief.

Here’s where you can download the whole Martyrs in the Making Volume 2 Mixtape ( which remixes other Kendrick songs too. Daring, but successful.

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[news.] Lecrae Wins Stellar Award for Best Rap/Hip-Hop CD

This’l (Free From the Trap), Lecrae (Gravity), Bizzle (The Good Fight) and Derek Minor (Minorville) all garnered nominations for the Best Rap/Hip-Hop CD at the 29th Annual Stellar Awards. While Christian Hip-Hop stood tall with four actual Hip-Hop albums being nominated, Lecrae’s “Gravity” took home the award.

We want to congratulate Derek Minor, Bizzle, Lecrae and This’l for an incredible year of hip-hop music. A special shout out to Lecrea for winning the Stellar Award for Best Rap/HIp-Hop CD.

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[article.] Big Changes made by Small Concert featuring Bizzle

I took my Girl’s little sister to a Bizzle concert in Johannesburg – South Africa a month or so back. I never doubted this would have an impact on her Christian life, yet I didn’t realize just how deep this change would run in her world view.


Recently while spending some family time, a bunch of African Americans were acting a fool on tv like they’re always portrayed. To my absolute amazement Sophia suddenly said, “I use to think all African American men were like that, but after hearing Bizzle speak I had a total mind change”. I looked in her eyes and there was a glow, a high regard for black men was planted in her soul. She now knew better and saw better.

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Bumps INF – Pain in Paragraphs

Real. Raw. Uncut. Those are the words that come to mind after hearing the new album form Bumps INF, entitled Pain in Paragraphs.   In his interview with Rapzilla, Bumps talks about this album as “a collection of songs that manifested themselves or came out of …like, obviously one of the most difficult times of my life.” …

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