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[read.] What Will You Do With Your Domino?

WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR DOMINO? “We are all inherently like dominoes. We are capable of falling for or nudging others to good or evil, blessing or curse, life or death. ” I love dominos. Back in the day I remember strategically setting all of my dominos up in a line that spanned the…

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[read.] Thank you, CHH

When I was 13, you could pretty much always catch me listening to hip-hop. I mostly listened to Wu-Tang Clan because like they say, “Wu-Tang is for the children.” I had never stepped foot into a Church. I didn’t pray. I believed in God, but I didn’t know anything about Him. I just hoped I would be good enough to get into Heaven all while living a life that was all about me. I told people I was a Christian because that’s what almost everyone says living in the Bible-Belt. I was clueless about all things relating to Christianity and honestly, I was okay with that. Life was decent enough.

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[read.] Emergency Tone

As I’m driving in my police car, our emergency tone sounded. This tone indicates that 9-1-1 Call Takers received an emergency call that is considered to be in progress. That tone was then followed by a Dispatcher who provided us, the Police Officers, with information by radio about the call they received from a citizen. 

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[read.] Do You Leave God At Home?

It has been said that there are two things we should never talk about at work: religion and politics. Since we’re never going to agree with everyone, they’re better left alone.

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[read.] Erica Mason – Seek Life (EP) Review

Authentic, transparent and consistent are the words that adequately describe Erica Mason. You only need to follow her on social media to catch her vividly sharing her thoughts, event clips and more to get the punchline that she is just real and “Erica as God made her.” Without spoiling the review for you, in summary, let us say that this is an EP to listen through in its entirety as there is a continuity of thought, flow, and meaning throughout.

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