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[article.] Christians and Mental Health

I look at my six year old son through the rear-view mirror. He sits there, quietly, playing with a cheap McDonald’s toy he earned at school for good behavior. Amazing how such a simple piece of plastic can delight a child. Contentment was the look on his face. No stress or worry, pain or sadness;…

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The Tyranny of Retirement

For many, work might as well be a four-letter-word.  So many people today live longing for a day when they can earn, save, or win the monetary means necessary to retire.  The great American motto is, “I must work in order to one day be free.”  And we have bought the lie. But the Bible…

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Better off Dead

I got saved as a teenager and had great difficulty with my flesh.   I struggled to keep my anger and sexual desires under control and to submit to God’s authority in my thought life.  I found myself constantly falling into sin and repenting but going back and doing the same thing.  O wretched man that…

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siDEVO: Sin Cycle Blueprint

I didn’t grow up in the church, but when I started, I heard that Christ would take my sins away. I was puzzled when some of my sin struggles continued with me, even after I had accepted Christ.

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