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[Devo.] Am I OK With It?

It was a question that was asked to me that made me think….hmm…am I truly OK with God’s will for my life if I never got what I desired? Have I resolved the true statement of a surrendered life, “Not my will but yours be done God?”

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The Incarnation

The incarnation of Christ makes serious claims on each and every one of us.  For those who have not committed their lives to him, they are under the most authoritative moral obligation to do so.  And for those who have committed their lives to him in faith and repentance, they are under the most authoritative…

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Holy Culture Announces DROP CD Roster

Earlier this year, Holy Culture began laying the foundation for the DROP CD, a free evangelistic tool which allows viewers to download the full length project at their website. Viewers can burn the tracks onto a CD and ‘DROP’ it in the hands of friends, family or a complete stranger. This sole purpose of the…

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