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Artist Development

Welcome!  Holy Culture ultimately wants to see the world at large reached with the Gospel of Christ.  You guys, the artists, are on the frontline spreading the Good News through your music as evangelist and missionaries. At Holy Culture we want to help you deliver your message most effectively and efficiently.  In this section we will include tips, ideas and how to’s.  If there is something specific you want to learn more about email us at  Lastly, sign up for our newsletter designed with the artist in mind here.

Booking Shows via Email

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In this digital age sending physical press kits for booking shows is pretty much a thing of the past. There are EPK (electronic press kits) however email has actually made this process more personal, simpler and affordable in many ways. The challenge of course, is composing an email that introduces you and / or your group without coming across as spam.

In this post we will outline eight elements in writing an email pitch that will help you book more shows. I will include an example at the end of the post.

When composing your email pitch remember to keep it short and concise. Most venues get several hundred booking requests per month. They are not interested in reading a six page autobiography on how your career started in the music industry. If the email is long and unorganized it will be deleted.

Let’s start.

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How to Write a Press Release

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At we receive hundreds of submissions weekly.  We delete about half of the submissions due to poorly written press releases.  They are either too short to take seriously or too long to read.  Most of the press releases are unprofessional (written like a blog), irrelevant to our media outlet and not really newsworthy or incomplete and missing critical information.

In this post we will outline exactly how to write a professional press release that will not only get our attention at but the attention of major media outlets.  But for the sake of clarity let me first define press release.  A press release is an announcement issued to media outlets that is newsworthy and relevant.  In our case it is the announcement  of a new album release, music video, event, etc.

Let’s start with some basic things to consider.

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