[Devo.] Am I OK With It?

within1-42Are you OK with God’s will for your life?

It was a question that was asked to me that made me think….hmm…am I truly OK with God’s will for my life if I never got what I desired? Have I resolved the true statement of a surrendered life, “Not my will but yours be done, God?”

Every so often, there comes an incident in our life that brings us back into that place of uncertainty with what God is doing in our life.

Things may seem to be going great in your faith in God, then all of a sudden, something doesn’t go the way it was planned and we find ourselves crying out to God, “Why?” We are left wondering if God really knows what He is doing and how come we don’t understand.

Am I really OK with the will of God for my life? As I meditated on that question, I faced the reality that it is scary at times to genuinely say “Not my will, but yours be done God.”

It’s hard to connect the knowledge of that statement in the head with the true feeling and engagement in the heart. As I came and sat quietly before God, He took me on a journey of my life and all that He had brought me to and through and simply asked me, “Do you really think you did that on your own? Have I let you down?”

A completely surrendered life to God comes in knowing the heart of God towards us. I believe that resolving in our hearts to know the character of God will help us trust the circumstances of our lives and accept God’s will for our lives.

He is always good. He will never leave or forsake us. He is perfect in ALL He does. He is trustworthy. He is not a man that He should lie. And above all–He is teaching me that I can’t afford to disconnect Him from the character of His Sovereignty.

There is freedom to live in the now when we are convinced and persuaded that God sees the future—where He is leading us and taking us. It helps us not miss what He’s saying and teaching us in the moment. I’ve learned that He is always speaking—we must always be listening.

There is freedom in Christ when we truly embrace His sovereignty. Not as a dictatorship but provision and guidance into His purpose for us so that with a persuaded heart we can say, “Yes God, I am OK with your will for my life.”

Peace, love, and blessings,

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Written by Yodit

I'm a young women who loves life but LOVES and ADORES the GIVER even MORE. I have a passion to write as well as teach and live the word of God so that this generation will KNOW God for themselves. I have a young women's ministry called WITHIN that I lead in order to help encourage young women in walking out their lives worthy of their calling! It's a place where we can connect.communicate.and cultivate sisterhood! JOIN! www.thewithingroup.ning.com
I'm also very passionate about bringing awareness to the atrocities that go on in this world in the form of sex trafficking! I ask that you join me in this fight to stop this modern-day slavery! Join Disturbed2Deliver: www.disturbed2deliver.org

I'm a fun loving person who genuinely loves people and simply loves to live out this abundant Life found in Christ!

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