[listen.]: Young King David “Sanctified and Setapart!”

Produced by: MrGloryFireHitz

CD Name: IAM-YKD “LoveMe or HateMe” EP
CD Release Date: June 30 2013
Website: www.youngkingdavid.com
Follow Me: www.twitter.com/youngkingdavid


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Written by youngkingdavid

Get ready for a riveting project from Young King David(YKD). YKD is back on the scene with his latest joint entitled I AM YKD LoveMe or HateMe featuring his new single called Sanctified and Set Apart. The song is a high paced club banger perfect for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd. YKD infuses listeners with a new sound and bold content.

I AM YKD LoveMe or HateMe is a special project he is giving away exclusively for his fans. Fans can expect a fearless musical project without regard of public opinion. Its message is direct, drawing a line in the sand for listeners. It empowers listeners to embrace their individuality, their relationship with Jesus without shame or judgement on various issues.

​Sanctified and Set Apart is exclusively available for sale on I-tunes.
The new project I AM YKD LoveMe or HateMe will be available for free download at www.youngkingdavid.com

YKD is proving he is the next hip hop artist to watch earning a nomination for a Holy Hip Hop award. Known for his sizzling southern rap sound and powerful bold lyrics, YKD brings a fresh twist to the inspirational music genre that resonates with hip hop fanatics.

Listen to his debut album, College Graduate and the candid raw lyrics of his powerful personal story of his childhood will simply blow you away.

A native of Jacksonville, Florida David Holmes known as YKD grew up in a single parent home with a mother who became addicted to cocaine. Starting at the age of 6, his life began to unravel, becoming a victim of abuse. Bounced from one household to the next, with little stability he became a wild teenager, skipped school and found himself following a road of destruction.

However, in his lyrics he describes how God got his attention, why he gave his life to Christ and what motivated him to take his education seriously.

In 2010, YKD released his debut project College Graduate which is his raw testimonial that focuses on finishing what you start no matter your circumstances. The album gets it swag on with songs like Roc with the Rock, Myself and a rock out banger called Summa Cum Laude.

For over 10 years, YKD has been a dedicated member, serving under the fine leadership of Bishop George L. Davis of Faith Christian Center Church in Jacksonville, FL, a ministry extension under Bishop Keith A. Butler of Word of Faith International in Detroit, Michigan. Dynamically taught the Word and how to effectively apply it in everyday settings, YKD has an anointing from God to benefit any audience of all ages.

You can catch YKD touring frequently. He’s hit the same stage in ministry with national recording artists like Pettidee, Canton Jones, KB and Andy Mineo with Reach Records among many others and has been featured on several television programs.

Today, Young King David is happily married and a Florida State University graduate. He earned his bachelor’s in finance and works as a licensed investment consultant for a leading investment firm. He also graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bible College and Seminary in Tallahassee, FL.

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