[listen.]: M.P.H. “Ride On Em” Feat. Alex Faith


21 year-old Atlanta rapper MPH is not your everyday artist. He began writing and producing music at eight years old and is always setting new trends in hip-hop. With a long history of successful independent albums, and performances alongside grammy heavy-hitters Patti LaBelle, John Legend, and others, MPH sets out to release his most authentic and creative work yet. Before you skip over the gift and fresh air MPH provides, check out his music and brace yourself for HITS.

Produced by: DA
CD Name: Critical Condition Pt. 2 (Hosted By DJ TouchScreen)
CD Release Date: May 31, 2013
Website: www.manpraisinhard.com
Follow Me: www.twitter.com/manpraisinhard


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Written by M.P.H. (Man Praisin Hard)

Few artists are willing to promote themselves in an unpopular fashion. With the immense amount of love shown to artist who promote violence and sexual promiscuity, the role of "christian rapper" is very unappealing. But 18 year old M.P.H. is not afraid. Inspired at the tender age of 8, M.P.H. began writing his own music at age 11. He creatively formed a group called "Jesus In Our Hearts", which consisted of two of his best friends. This naïve experimentation proved to be only the beginning for the young M.P.H.
At age 11, M.P.H. began experimenting with musical production while co-producing "Honesty" from his 1st album. His love for music continued to grow and his exceptional writing abilities sparkled within his music. M.P.H.'s song "Gospel Rollas" changed the way people viewed him forever. He no longer was viewed as the young child who sang in church. He now was viewed as a hardworking christian artist. M.P.H. changed the name of his crew to the Gospel Rollas and went on recording songs in hopes of finishing his 1st album. His ability to record full songs with no mistakes and complete songs in less than an hour was amazing! In 2008, M.P.H. released "Universal Disturbance" and is set to release "Universal Disturbance: the aftermath" in 2010. He continues to work hard, keeping Christ 1st and addressing issues other christian artists refuse to address. His music is appreciated by people who have no church background and proves to be exactly what the world needs. If people won't go to church, I'm sure they'd listen to M.P.H.

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