[Devo.] Living a Yes

within1-4I’m sure we are all familiar with the verse that tells us, “Let your yes be yes and let your no be no…”(Matthew 5:37). Here is God saying to us, why make promises you can’t keep?

I can’t count how many times I’ve made false promise that only made things more complicated in my life. And the more I think about it, I realized that I do this more often than I thought!

Recently, God showed me that this scripture really applied not to just words but how I’ve been doing it with my life. How many times had I found myself saying YES to God to what He offers but actually living a NO?

I’ve said Yes to His greatness in me but have a lived a no by shying away from the calling He’s given me. I’ve said yes to His unconditional love but have lived a no by not seeing myself the way He sees me.

I’ve said yes to His grace but have lived a no by thinking I will earn it by what I can do for Him—constantly finding myself in condemnation rather than approaching the throne room of grace with confidence in His full forgiveness through my repentant heart (Hebrews 4:16).

I’ve said yes to His way but have lived a no by trusting in my own understanding rather than His. I’ve said Yes to His spirit but have lived a no by gratifying the flesh.

I recognized my need to ask for His forgiveness because I have not been living in the fullness that He offers. God desires that we say YES to all that He’s offered but they will only manifest when we are willing to live them out through our lives. He isn’t interested in lip service.

Living a Yes isn’t accomplished on our strength. Thank God! He gives us everything we need concerning godliness through His Holy Spirit. (2 Peter 1:3).

I pray that today we will rely on His grace to not just say YES but to live a YES! Let’s live out His way. Let’s live out His grace. Let’s live out His promises for us.

Our living out our YES to God is a testimony to others! So today, let’s vow that our Yes will live a Yes!

Peace, love, and blessings,

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Written by Yodit

I'm a young women who loves life but LOVES and ADORES the GIVER even MORE. I have a passion to write as well as teach and live the word of God so that this generation will KNOW God for themselves. I have a young women's ministry called WITHIN that I lead in order to help encourage young women in walking out their lives worthy of their calling! It's a place where we can connect.communicate.and cultivate sisterhood! JOIN! www.thewithingroup.ning.com
I'm also very passionate about bringing awareness to the atrocities that go on in this world in the form of sex trafficking! I ask that you join me in this fight to stop this modern-day slavery! Join Disturbed2Deliver: www.disturbed2deliver.org

I'm a fun loving person who genuinely loves people and simply loves to live out this abundant Life found in Christ!

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