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Posted on Jul 20, 2013

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Chris Cobbins Releasing Debut Album, “Hello World”

(Kansas City, MO) July 19, 2013– Chris Cobbins is prepared to make his presence known in Christian music with the release of his debut album, “Hello World.” The album will hit digital outlets and stores in October.

“I’m excited for ‘Hello World’ because I’m finally able to put out a project that accurately reflects the different layers of my personality and range of musical styles.” said Cobbins.

Cobbins is no stranger to fans of Urban Christian Music, having previously released “The Medicine EP,” and appearing on albums from artists such as Lecrae, KB, Json, and Flame.

Cobbins considers “Hello World” to be a musical expression of his debut as an artist. “After many late nights over the last two years, I’m finally comfortable in my own skin and stretching the limits of my creativity.,” he said.

The sound of “Hello World” is the work of Dove Award-Winning and Grammy-Nominated producer, Tha Kracken. “Our goal with ‘Hello World’ was to create high-quality music with a message that will appeal to many people of different backgrounds. We feel that we’ve met that goal with music that people will really enjoy,” said Tha Kracken.

After much success in mainstream urban music, Tha Kracken started his own music label, Late Bloom, and signed Chris as his first artist. The two have been making music together since 2010. “Every producer needs an artist that will push them to greatness and take their ideas to the next level. Chris has a tremendous work ethic, and we both push each other to make better music.”

Industry insiders and fans alike have taken notice of the impressive catalog the two have already built, with the release of numerous free singles and the free album, “Better,” in 2012. Cobbins and Tha Kracken plan to turn even more heads with the release of “Hello World.”

“Every artist needs that one writer or producer that forces them to squeeze all of the potential out of their gift. That person for me was Tha Kracken. He’s helped me grow a lot as an artist and I can’t help but think this is just the beginning.” said Cobbins.

Leading up to the October release of “Hello World,” Cobbins will release two singles and at least one music video.

The first single, “Aye Yah,” featuring Frontline Movement rapper, Reconcile, will debut exclusively on the Jam the Hype with Chris Chicago radio show on July 26th.

Both “Aye Yah” and the yet-to-be announced second single from “Hello World” expect to see widespread radio airplay. “Some of my favorite memories of experiencing music that excited me involved huddling around my radio, waiting for my favorite song to come on. It’s awesome to now be in a position to create that experience for someone else.” said Cobbins.

Chris Cobbins has been making music for years, but with the release of “Hello World,” he hopes to make a statement. “I get the opportunity to use a culturally influential art form to promote truth and hope to people. I approach that opportunity with great reverence and care, hoping to encourage some, challenge some, and inspire all.”

With the release of “Hello World,” it is clear that Chris Cobbins is making the most of his opportunities.

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