[free music.]: J. Sells “Relinquished”



“Relinquished” is a 7 track, free EP that takes listeners through a mesmerizing tale of the emotional and spiritual struggles of the Richmond Virginia born artist, J. Sells. Each track represents an area of his life that he has learned to relinquish, or surrender to the Lord. This EP also reaches into the heart of our communities and challenges us to give these battles to the Lord as well! Since He has already achieved victory on the cross, why do we need to continue fighting these battles as if He isn’t great enough to conquer them? Its time to relinquish all that we are to Him!


Produced by: J. Sells, SuperStar O, Johnny Juliano, & Komposition
CD Release Date: 8.9.2013
Website: facebook.com/whiteflagnation
Follow Me: iamjsells

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Written by IAmJSells


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