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Posted on Aug 12, 2013

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The Wade-O Radio Show To Air On FM Stations In Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi

In the coming months The Wade-O Radio Show will expand its runtime from two hours to three hours, and add Jacksonville, Florida’s terrestrial station PURE Radio (WJNJ) as well as Internet radio station to its growing affiliate list. This comes on the heels of adding Urban Family Radio, which simulcasts in parts of Mississippi and Georgia, earlier this summer.

“We are beyond excited that God has seen fit to add these stations as partners to the mission he has given our music ministry,” DJ Wade-O said.

Starting Labor Day weekend, The Wade-O Radio Show will air on Saturday nights on both PURE Radio’s 103.7 FM and 1320 AM signals. DJ Wade-O and the Wade-O Radio team will actually travel to Jacksonville to broadcast live on PURE Radio for the big debut. The show is set to follow James Fortune’s Spirit Countdown and air from 7 to 10 pm each Saturday night.

Its popular podcast will remain a two-hour program with the third hour being content exclusively reserved for the show’s mobile app. The additional hour will feature a “Take Over” where a listener gets to choose his/her top four songs each week and another “Topic of the Week” segment dedicated to listener feedback about a designated discussion.

DJ Wade-O called into PURE Radio’s “Terry and Terry Show” on August 7 to announce launch. That segment’s audio can be heard on The Wade-O Radio Show’s Soundclound page here.

The new Urban Family Radio partners will air the show on Saturday afternoons at 1 pm CST on the following stations:

  • WQVI – 90.5 FM in Madison/ Jackson, Mississippi
  • WAJS – 91.7 FM in Tupelo, Mississippi
  • WDFX – 98.3 FM in Cleveland, Mississippi
  • WJGS – 91.5 FM in Norwood, Georgia.

Finally, starting August 9, will begin broadcasting The Wade-O Radio Show on Fridays at 8 pm. The station holds the distinction of being the only Internet Station to be a four-time Stellar-Award Nominee. Bonnerfide Radio is owned by Gerard Bonner, co-founder of

To view the complete list of stations the Wade-O Radio Show airs on click here.
The Wade-O Radio Show specializes in providing its listeners with high quality hip-hop music from people who are standing for the Gospel. The radio show is currently syndicated on 16 stations worldwide and publishes 1-2 podcasts per week in iTunes, on, and via our Mobile app. These podcasts have achieved over 1 million downloads and on average 32K/month. Wade-O Radio is consistently featured in iTunes Top Music Podcast charts.

For more information on DJ Wade-O and The Wade-O Radio Show please visit

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