[audio leak.] Hevn’ Li Angel — Who U Seek’N

Hevn’ Li Angel is a gospel rapper born in the Bay Area but raised in San Diego, CA Hevn grew up listening to underground hip hop and writing rap verses at an early age. In 2006 she had came to know the LORD but it wasn’t until 2011when she began writing raps again after losing her father and little brother. She began writing raps for God and is now using the talent God has given her as a way to bring Him glory.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/HevnLiangel.Music
Follow Me: https://twitter.com/HevnLiAngel

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Written by hevnliangel

Hevn' Li Angel is an American Christian Rapper, originally from the Bay Area but raised in San Diego, CA.

In 2013 she had uploaded a track titled “Who U Seek'N” online which later had been featured on WestCoast Fiya, Da South, Not By Bread Alone Radio and other online Christian rap stations. The single features a sharp and relentless lyrical flow, showcasing Hevn’s versatility, when pulling out verses and rhymes, as well as when delivering heartfelt and infectious hooks. The song is an energetic ode and praise to believing in Jesus Christ, on the beat of 808-like analog beats, samples and lush synths. Her single was a great example of hip-hop meeting Christian values and positivity. The result? A direct, honest and humble sound - not flashy like southern gangsta rap – but substantial and inspirational.

Following her single, the rapper set out to keep feeding the buzz and hype surrounding her work with more songs, including recent singles “Tears of an Angel” and “pray for you”, whose titles betray an emotional and more introspective content. After releasing the 3 tracks to the public on the internet she began working on more songs and also began performing at local shows on the west coast through topmics touring company a hip hop platform for underground independent artist to showcase there talents.

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