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Posted on Aug 31, 2013

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[drop.] Levi the Poet – The Beginning. The Separation.

Levi the Poet kicks off the Holy Culture DROP Project with a thought-provoking single titled “The Beginning. The Separation.” This poem is true to Levi’s style as he creatively explores and narrates the creation story.

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Join us in this week’s conversation by leaving a comment here as we share the Story of God.  Use this hashtag: #SOG

  • Did Adam and Eve knowingly disobey God or were they deceived and acted out of ignorance?

The DROP Project

  1. Levi the Poet – The Beginning. The Separation.
  2. Anthony Rose – Inside Out
  3. Sean Slaughter – We On
  4. Evangel – The Exodus
  5. Social Club – Jesus Waves
  6. Princeton Marcellis – His Works
  7. Primisis – Ready to Go


Drop_Project-Story_of_God (1)The Holy Culture Drop CD 2014 will feature brand new music from artists like Levi the Poet, The Ambassador, Social Club, Sean Slaughter, Evangel and more.

Our goal is to communicate the story of God and how man fits into His great narrative in a simple, concise and creative format.

Learn more about the Drop Project and how you can help us reach 10K with the Gospel here. Join our mailing list for updates on the Holy Culture Drop Project here.


  1. Levi, great spoken word piece. what if they did act out of ignorance? did they deserve such a harsh punishment?

  2. From FaceBook Page Deland JazzDigga Wilson Both. They were deceived…but by acting out of ignorance, they knowingly disobeyed God.#NoExcuses

    • Both? So if out of ignorance are they intentionally rebelling against God? If they didn’t know better how are they responsible for disobeying? #sog

  3. They knowingly disobeyed. God said “don’t do this” and they did it anyway. Of course there was deception involved, but they still knowingly did something their God verbally forbade them from doing. But that’s the way of Satan – get you questioning God, get you thinking more about yourself and what you’re missing out on, get you looking at God like He’s holding out on you, and get you believing that you actually know what’s best for you instead of trusting that God knows what is best and that He is the giver of all good things. #sog

    • I’m with you on this one, Justin. They intentionally and knowingly disobeyed. Yes, they were tempted and deceived (which is not in-and-of-itself sinful), but they had a human ability to make decisions. They chose to “be like God” and sinned on their own. I try not to buy into the “devil made me do it” mindset. My sin is my sin…#sog

  4. From @chosenmog807h
    Adam became a follower when he ate the fruit. When Eve ate..nothing happened. We lost our power of leadership by disobeying God

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