[free music.]: Prophesy “Change”


This is a single off of Prophesy’s 2nd solo project “The Great Exchange” call “Change”. This song was inspired because of the state of the world & Prophesy was tired of what was going on. The Lord needs people that will speak up for Change.

Produced by: BeatsByMarcus
CD Name: The Great Exchane
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Written by Prophesy

Prophesy (Malcolm Simmons) is 1/3 of Spirit Filled & SCARS member rep from Youngstown, Ohio. He tries to use different styles of rap in order to allow the Lord to use him to reach more people. He has one solo project "Holy Ruckus Ses.1" & his new project "The Great Exchange" his schedule to drop October 1st, 2013. any info you may have you can contact me at m.simmons08@yahoo.com

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