[music video]: Brian Billups “Demetrius Roshell” (feat. Derelle)

This song is a true and emotional story about Brian’s best friends (Demetrius Roshell) being senselessly killed on Sept. 7, 2011 (which is also his youngest daughters birthday), and how God has been able to help him throughout the entire situation. The song is somewhat of a narrative of how Brian was feeling at the time over the course of this horrific experience. I pray that you will be blessed by this video as well as enjoy the song. This song was written by my Brian Billups, produced by my Nasir Billups (13 year old NasThaGoGetta) and the hook was sung by Derelle Roshell (the nephew of Demetrius Roshell).

Produced by: NasThaGoGetta (Nasir Billups)
CD Name: Demetrius Roshell
Website: brianbillups.com
Follow Me: https://twitter.com/brianbillups, http://instagram.com/brianbillups#, https://soundcloud.com/brianbillups, http://www.youtube.com/brianbillups

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