[audio leak.] Dfizzle Mayne – BackGround ft. Angie G & Truth


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Written by DfizzleMayne

"A wise man once told me, Once you put your faith in God the impossible becomes possible, and all the pieces will fall together".
​ -Wise quote that Darryl Hendricks better known as DFizzle Mayne can take to heart concering his growin Gospel Hip Hop career.​

Born and raised in a small city called Edwardsville, IL, not to far from St. Louis, MO, DFizzle first started writing lyrics at age 8, but he unknowingly began to hone his skills of being a lyricist in high school where him and friends would have freestyle rap sessions durning lunch. DFizzle was also surrounded by music growing up. Having a singing mother, sisters and a brother-in-law who produced songs for several major recording artists, he always knew that one day he would also pursue his musical dreams.

Dfizzle was a All-Star athlete in high school going into college which taught him good discipline and work ethic. However, life was not always easy for him. Financial struggles and peer pressure led him to the drug game where he hustled the streets to make ends meet and eventually droped out of college. But thank God for His saving power! Now on the right track after giving his life to God on Easter Sunday in 2010, and later linking up with his brother-in-law's local label Sumthin Bout Favor LLC. DFizzle has a powerful testimony that he prays will lead others to Jesus Christ.

Once known in his hometown as Dfizzle Mayne the "Secular" artist. Dfizzle has turn over a new leaf released his debut mixtape "Bak N Da Booth" under Sumthin Bout Favor in August 2011. DFizzle was inspired to share his life story through music. With songs like "Cnt Help It" that tells a story about being a product of your environment but following God and letting him lead you into living a life of your own, which is set to a banging Ol' school beat sample. "Winner Circle" is a song that talks about Winning in all situations in life, And "Str8 Bars No Hook" is a testament to the skill Dfizzle honed with freestyling over a beat with no hook, emphasising on the lyrical content.

After the release of "Bak N Da Booth", and later performing in many concerts and big events. Dfizzle has gained a huge following (better known to him as "The DFMFAM"), and the respect of local artist and Djs as a young artist on fire for God.

DFizzle is an artist that speaks LIFE through his music. Its raw, honest and relatable. DFizzle is walking in purpose and his music will speak to a generation of young people who are searching for
realness and authenticity.

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