[free.] Battleground City – Warz On

The first single from the new Battleground City mixtape Reservoir Dogs: Grenade Brigade hosted by DJone3 available December. This single features BGC members Rob Mercury, The Messenger, & Psalm Star.

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Written by bgcmusic

Reach out to inner city, at risk, non churched youth to educate, equip, and establish. Allow them to develop real life relationships with Jesus and to help them face real world situations and crises for everyday living.

Keep a steady flow of concerts and outreach activities. Keep our teachings relevent to today’s urban youth.

Battleground City is a community development program that is devoted to providing events that will promote personal growth in the youth of Tucson, AZ. Our purpose is to educate, equip, and establish young people to make an impact in their local communities. Through hip hop we intented to reach this goal. Some of Arizonas top CHH artists and some never before heard artists are featured. We intended to impact the youth not only in Tucson, but Arizona as a whole to show them who they are in Christ and also encourage fellow believers to impact the people around them.

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