[news.] Milan Credle to release The Abstract Of A Man 2014

The Washington D.C. artist, Milan Credle, has just announced that he will be releasing his first project called, “The Abstract Of A Man” in early 2014. The concept is centered around portraying abstract ideas of what a man should be and look like coming from a biblical worldview in today’s society. He has released a single recently for the project, “Motivation”, which has been released as a music video and free download.

He has recently worked with Independent artist from Lancaster, PA, G.O.D.sent and CHH Pioneer, The Ambassador, on G.O.D.sent’s recent album release, “Christ In A HipHopper” that is available now on iTunes.

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Written by Milan Credle

Washington D.C. native
Follower and Lover of Jesus Christ
Soli Deo Gloria

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