[audio leak.] Josh G. Massey – My Loneliness ft. JG

This past year Josh G. Massey went through a couple of different life struggles. Throughout this time Josh G. Massey struggled with depression and loneliness. He had my amazing family around but something wasn’t quite right within his soul as Josh was making major transitions in his life. “My Loneliness” talks about that struggle, the decisions Josh made, how God is healing him, and how he, as a christian, can choose whether or not Josh can let these emotions take over his life, or he can trust in the One who created those emotions and has always loved him beyond anything. Josh G. Massey got production from his favorite producer, Alex “Big Juice” Hitchens, and began to write this song that will be going on a full EP, due to drop in December. (The EP will be called “Life & Trust). Josh asked JG, who had been mentoring him in music, to be on the track and sing on the hook, JG killed it.

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