[free mixtape.] C-Micah – Bridge Work: A Tale of Two Cities


BRIDGE WORK is a musical collaborative effort to Bridge two cities (Memphis & St. Louis) and to unify the body of Christ. Also to create open lines of community through Godly music. BRIDGE WORK features several different artist from both cities.

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Written by C-Micah

An infallible person is one who is unfailing in effectiveness or operation. Such is the
music and ministry of Chris “C-Micah” Morris. Growing up in the church, C- Micah
witnessed the soul saving power of God. Starting in his own home, C-Micah watched
his parents stay in fervent prayer seeking the ways of God giving up the things of the
world. Their testimony had a strong impact on him so much that after high school he
attended Rhema Bible College. However, the traditional pulpit was not where God
wanted C-Micah to preach. Just as Jesus used a boat to teach the multitude, C-Micah
uses his mic.

Never knowing that by taking a friendly bet to rap with friends, C-Micah’s Christ mic led
him to spread the Gospel internationally and share the stage with Christian heavyweights
like the Lacrae, Da Truth, Jeremy Camp, The Afters, Mr. Del, Group 1 Crew, Canton Jones, & many more.
He is featured on the 2009 and 2010 Holy Hip Hop Compilation and K-Drama’s We Fit: The Workout Plan.
He was named 2013 Artist of the Year at the UnityFest Holy Hip Conference, 2011 Holy Hip Hop Honoree
and a 2009 Inferno Award for Best Crunk Single. He also recently come off of his first international
tour with his label, About Face Music Group. Traveling to the European countries of Germany and Belgium.
Also recently participating in Prayzefest Gospel Hour Dove Awards Prayer Breakfast 2013.

Yet, with all these human accolades, C-Micah is only concerned with the Heavenly
rewards, to make disciples out of men, women and children and lift Christ to the fullest.

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