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“Flex” is about staying “pure” sexually until marriage, and staying committed to our relationships (marriage) and NOT giving in to sexual sin. When we “FLEX” we are saying we are STRONG and are over comers.

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Written by The Amaz'n Caucasian!

God has been preparing Mike Shelton for an amazing evangelistic ministry for his entire life, although it was one he was reluctant to accept, let alone embrace. Mike grew up far from God, in extreme poverty, a product of his environment with a mother who was addicted to drugs and a father that he never knew. His mother’s lifestyle resulted in her frequent imprisonment, so Mike was raised between his mother’s and his grandmother’s homes in the projects of Fort Smith, Arkansas. As a young teen, local street gangs became a strong influence in Mike’s life. He was constantly exposed to crime and sin in all directions; God couldn’t have been further out of reach.

Even though Mike’s circumstances were rough as a child, God never stopped pursuing him and sending people to minister and mentor him. Eventually Mike accepted God’s call on his life and gave his life to him. By the age of 16, Mike began traveling throughout Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas, delivering messages of hope and purpose to youth groups and youth rallies, using the power of popular music to form sermons that related to youth in a relevant way.

Since that time, Mike has performed across the country performing hundreds of shows, driven by the power of the Holy Spirit to encourage others who have not yet realized the healing and hope that comes from a relationship with Jesus. In 2005, Mike moved to North Carolina with former band mates, where they performed on the Inspiration Network and he met his future wife, Heather. Following his marriage and the band’s decision to move in separate musical paths, Mike and his new bride settled in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he continued to pursue music, and the couple was blessed with son, Isaac.

Following a musical fast for God’s direction in his life in 2011, separately on the same day, the Holy Spirit told both Mike and Heather that Mike was being called to leave his full time job to pursue music ministry as his full time career. The couple was amazed when they both said, “I need to talk to you about something,” and they both relayed their stories of the strong sense of purpose for Mike’s life. Preparations began for the January 2012 goal, such as revising the family’s budget, locating mentors, and expanding the support base.

In December of 2012, Mike launched Shake The City, a monthly outreach that exists to awaken a generation to their God-given purpose through motivational and encouraging music, corporate worship and testimony. Our hope is to build God’s Kingdom one youth at a time and bring those that are hurt, broken, abused, addicted, and lost to Jesus. We want everyone who attends to leave empowered and ultimately shake their own schools, jobs, and communities for Christ.

Mike and his wife, Heather, are actively involved in Renovatus Church in Charlotte, serving as youth pastor. Their heart is to reach out to Charlotte’s unchurched youth to share the love of Jesus. Mike is also involved in motivational speaking to students, inmates in teenage prisons, and other high risk populations.

It is Mike’s deepest desire to encourage all people to understand that they don’t have to accept their circumstances in this life as an excuse not to do what God has called them to do and to be the whole, fully forgiven, deeply loved person God sees them as. Mike says, “If one person walks away from my testimony challenged and changed for the better than God has used me.”

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