[news.] Andy Mineo Apologizes For His Comments On Christian Rap

Many Christian Hip-Hop fans feel Andy Mineo was short-changing the genre when he said, “I hope people listen to the music. Don’t write it off because there is a Christian doing it and it’s been labeled that way, because if I’m honest with you, Christian rap for the most part has been corny,” in preview interview with MTV News. The statement has stirred up a bit of controversy.

Andy posted an apology on his Facebook page stating, “Today my first major MTV interview is airing! I’m excited about it, but, I also want to share a few things [with] those tuning in. Those interviews are so tough. So much is running through my mind as I think through how to navigate each answer on the spot. I’m constantly pondering how to be honest, faithful, considerate of all parties watching and biblically accurate…I definitely could have chosen my words more carefully to consider my audience better in this interview. I’m learning. My apologies go out to anyone who may be offended by some of my statements on air.”

Despite the controversy, Andy has always been an artist of integrity repping both the art form and the Christian faith. Support his new EP ‘Never Land’ dropping January 28th.

Check out the full article on MTV News here.

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Written by Anonymous

My name is Eddie. Some know me as "Anonymous." I'm simply a dude who loves God and his family. I serve the Christian Hip-Hop Community as co-owner of Holy Culture. I'm a husband that's madly in love, a proud daddy and Youth Pastor at Cornerstone Church in FL. What else? Ah, I'm a Yankees and Celtics fan, dig all things Google and love duct taping middle schooler to the wall in my student center ; D


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  1. I am a gospel rap artist and i preach the word of God threw my music and I done seen lives change for the better and not the worst and just like anything that was created gospel rap music has it’s good side and it’s bad side so every Christian/gospel rap artist music ain’t the same

    • Word. At the end of the day beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, personal taste is well, someone’s personal taste. If we’re honest, we can admit there is plenty of horrible Christian rap music, however not all of it is whack and we have to give the genre some credit…we’ve come along ways…there is also plenty of incredible music that will stand toe to toe with secular’s best.

  2. The problem here is not that Andy said what he said but that he feels that he has to keep trying to separate himself from the Christian rapper title to fit in with the world. When the truth is that the world didn’t want him when is was rapping for them and if I’m not mistaken C-Lite wasn’t embraced until he started selling records, that’s all the industry cares about. The most disturbing thing about this clip is the fact that in the Cypher cut in’s you only hear braging about self, sells and flow: Christ is not edified or glorified by this even though Andy said that he seeks out these platforms to “share ideas”. Whackness is found in all genres of music and putting down you entire genres’ history as “crony” just shows Andy’s immaturity in his Faith. We all make mistakes but just like in anything when your a public figure it’s multiplied by 10. To bad he made this statement with millions watching. So my advice to these artist that are trying to cross over to reach a bigger audience, remember how you got there and who supported you when MTV, BET and VH1 laughed at you. Give the gospel and stop trying to be politically correct. If they hate you for it remember they hated him first.

    • Interesting. I think God gives us all gifts and graces. I’m not sure it’s about who rejects you rather what has He assigned you to do. Immaturity is shared by us all in some ways but if we are faithful to our assignment then God gives us grace to grow. I wasn’t offended by his statement but those who feel like it slighted them or the genre may. Let’s all stay faithful and know that we all seek to “fit in” to some group of peers.

  3. Well honestly Christian rap was wack for a while as it relates to skill because the best rappers didn’t do it. Simply put. They didn’t have and a lot of times still don’t have the best producers, singers, skill, etc. but God has blessed Christian rappers. Another reason Christian rap has not been better is it’s not embraced by their primary audience until somewhat recently. It has been viewed as a youth ministry tool and not really a part of what churches promote. Yet another issue was that a large part of Christians that listen to rap were wrapped into their secular artist and saw Christian artist as copy cats. Another reason was a lot of Christian rappers felt like if their message was good then their music was good, not true. My pastor is an excellent teacher but not a rapper. All in all I like the fact that Christian rappers have attracted people with skill and my prayer is always that they are obedient to draw people to Christ by presenting truth. I look at it as an olive branch to the unbeliever. Let the way you speak have people say, what’s up with this person and what are they about. Some will be strong in their presentation of the Gospel some will be strong in their pointing to erroneous thoughts in society but if we allow each to do their assignment the body can be strengthened.
    I hope the honest feedback from a listener of the music since 84′ is worth something. Rap/hip hop is a venue that has always been about skillful presentation of your outlook on life. Christians have a viewpoint that other should hear. The music is not just for those who share the view but for those who need to hear something else. That’s my thoughts. Sorry so long.

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