Propaganda’s ‘Crimson Cord’ on Red Bull Commercial

Red Bull uses two instrumentals from Propaganda’s upcoming project ‘Crimson Cord’ on a video featuring Nick Goepper breaking down his freeskiing tricks. Byway of Twitter Propaganda share’s his excitement:

Humble Beast Records echoes Propaganda’s sentiments, “We are always excited when we get the opportunity to work on a project with Red Bull! We’ve continued to build a great working relationship with this company and look forward to more opportunities in the future. In this new video, Red Bull features two instrumentals from Propaganda’s upcoming album, ‘Crimson Cord’. The album is set to come out in early Spring. Enjoy the sneak peek!”

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My name is Eddie. Some know me as "Anonymous." I'm simply a dude who loves God and his family. I serve the Christian Hip-Hop Community as co-owner of Holy Culture. I'm a husband that's madly in love, a proud daddy and Youth Pastor at Cornerstone Church in FL. What else? Ah, I'm a Yankees and Celtics fan, dig all things Google and love duct taping middle schooler to the wall in my student center ; D

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