[audio leak.] Royal Society – Heartbreak ft. Virtue


The song is about past heartbreaks, pain, & hurtful situations with people we once loved. The song “Heartbreak”, shows that only Christ can fill the void in your heart and lead you to the right person to love. “Heartbreak”, also teaches that even when you’ve found the one person you love; they can still break your heart. People are people and were all prone to fail people, but God never will.

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Written by ilish305

My full name is Ilish Valdivia. I am 20 years old and I've been saved almost 4 years now. I've been making music for over 7 years and I own a home recording studio where I record local artists. In my home studio I do mixing, editing, recording, and teach others about sound recording. I help in my local church King Jesus Ministry where I perform from time to time and serve as a mentor and bible study leader. I'm currently studying at Miami Dade College as a full-time student to get my degree in Music business/creative production. I plan to expand my talent to glorify God and let his name be known in this broken world. Feel free to email me anytime blessings.

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