[music video.] Meek – “Yap Yap Yap”

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Written by Meek

Armed with slight rapsy, yet passionate voice to deliver his thoughts through rhyme, the MC known as MEEK is positioning himself to be the next great Christian hip hop voice to originally come from the CHH ‘mecca’ known as Philadephia. Born Robert Trush on February 12th 1983, Meek honed his battle-tested skills on the streets of Philly, very much like another Philadephia rapper who partly shares his moniker & went on to be signed by Maybach Music Group. However, unlike Meek Mill whose content celebrates & depicts the ‘fast life’ & the horrors of the ‘street life’, this MEEK delivers music that speaks to a greater hope in Jesus Christ, a belief that consistently inspires his content based on his deliverance from past tribulations.

Before MEEK fully submitted his life & art to the highest power you could imagine, his teenage years was becoming a ‘download spiral’ infested in hustling, illicit sex & reckless partying that often landed him jail on numerous occasions. His last charge for a criminal offense was pivotal in his spiritual re-invention as a youth, since he was ‘sentenced’ to be part of the faith based program widely known as TEEN CHALLENGE instead of another jail stint. During his time there, MEEK was introduced to the resident rap ministry known as ‘D-Boyz’, after initially resisting the idea of joining them, he became part of the group & quickly recognized & developed the transformative power of his rapping abilities, which was solidified even more by his own his growing relationship with Christ. After graduating from Teen Challenge in 2011. MEEK went back to those same streets he used to hustle & ‘battle rap’ on with a new fervor, vision for urban outreach and personal & spiritual identity.

Since his time in Teen Challenge & his subsequent conversion, MEEK has performed at various colleges & high schools including Penn State University, has released music on esteemed Christian hip hop websites such as DaSouth.com &HolyCulture.net, been featured on numerous radio stations throughout Pennsylvania & became a member of Christ Centered Life Ministries. MEEK has also released a full project called “The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth” mixtape during his season with Nothing’s Impossible Entertainment. Now, just like his life was ‘taken over’ by his relationship with Jesus Christ, the new MEEK is now trying to takeover a new season in his life where he plans to take the music he’s done with the likes of popular Christian artists such as JIN & BUCK BARNABAS to a whole new level. MEEK’s sound is combination of melodic structures balanced out with a street sound attached to memorable choruses & passionate punchlines articulating his thoughts on today’s world from a biblical worldview. MEEK’s music is cautionary about wages of man’s sinful nature & expressive about God’s redemptive power & his desire to see people saved from themselves. Expect MEEK’s message to reach bigger platforms in the years to come

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