[free music.] Orlando Aska – “Anti (Stand On)” ft. Datin


Orlando Aska drops a new single titled “Anti (Stand On) ft. Datin as a free download.

In a world that is so against Christ it is very important that we stand firm. Not on our own strength or by our own might but on the word of God. Standing for Christ in this world means being “Anti” the ways of this world. We are called to be in the world but not of it (John 15:19). It is not that we do not engage the culture with the gospel, but we do not take our lead from the culture we get all of our standards of living from from God’s Word.

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Written by orlandoaska

Born in London, England now residing in central Florida, Orlando Aska is a Christian emcee who seeks to glorify and honor God through his life and music while presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ through sound doctrine and lyricism. Husband & Father Orlando continues his journey through life while documenting the things that are pressed on hiss heart through the music he makes. With the release of his debut mixtape Divine Meditations Vol. 1 his goal is to encourage believers and lead the lost to repentance and continue to grow as an artist for Gods glory.

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