[news.] Erica Danea set to release new EP “S.O.S.”


Counter Culture Art artist and female rapper Erica Danea is planning her 2nd studio release entitled Substance on Sound EP (SOS) due August 19th.

> Erica Danea has released the 1st single Counter Culture on I-Tunes now and has a concert series and video in the works.

> The EP features Young Fatha, Chanele, TeRance Golden, Sheri Hall and Lox with a majority of production done by Akai Najir.

> Substance On Sound is due out August 19th check out the track listing and tour dates below.




> 1. Counter Culture ft Lox (prod by Akai Najr)

> 2. She Back (prod by Akai Najr)

> 3. B.a.s.s. (prod by Akai Najr)

> 4. Hands up ft Chanele (prod by Akai Najr)

> 5. 2wit ft Young Fatha ( prod by S.O.)

> 6. Me too (prod by Akai Najr)

> 7. Change Ft TeRance Golden(prod by Akai Najr)

> 8. SOS


> SOS Concert Series Dates

> 9/6 Mizzou College

> 9/13 Topeka Ks

> 9/18 OKC

> 9/20 Arkansas

> 9/27 Kansas City

> 10/4 Dallas Texas

> 10/25 Salina Mo


> http://youtu.be/pmdbNtqmZ4E

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