[listen.] “Royal Society” by @Cypha_IX_


First single off The #Heirz mixtape

We are the Royal Preisthood in today’s Society, Heirz to the true in Living God….. Let’s advance our culture in society as “Royal Society”. We are the standard

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Written by CyphaIX

olon “Cypha “ Franklin Personal Bio

Jolon Franklin (Cypha Ixous) is a source of guidance and reference for today’s youth. He shows them that there is a way to serve the Lord while maintaining who they are individually, and remaining relevant in today’s society . As a Christian artist, he seeks to worship the Lord through his music while reaching this generation in art forms that they identify with. Although primarily a Christian rapper and youth leader, Jolon also practices evangelism and teaches occasionally when called upon.

As the son of Pastor Todd Franklin (C.W.O.W) Jolon grew up in a Christian environment, but has also dealt with the realities and temptations of being enticed to live a worldly life. Due to his whole-heartedly belief in Jesus Christ and devotion to living a righteous life, he understands the adversity of feeling like an "outcast". This misconception is undeniably evident in urban environments as well as upper class societies where their peers deter youth from living wholesome lives for fear of rejection. Jolon believes his calling is to show the youth and older generations alike that God is an eternally relevant God, and can be truly worshipped and praised through an array of arts and cultures.

As a youth leader for 3 years (2 years at C.w.o.w, and 1 at C.s.c.c) Jolon has worked hands on with youth from various backgrounds and understands that in order to grow, a healthy personal relationship with God is essential. Jolon was active in his role for 2 years as the Creative Coordinator and minister for "The Streets" Hip Hop Church, lead by Pastor Ruddy Daville.
He is currently Co-Leader with Felix “Ox tha servant” Moreno in the “Safehouse” ministry under Pastor Art Snow of Chestnut Community church.

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