[listen.] Edward Newlyfe “Work In Progress” Mixtape

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Written by edwardnewlyfe

Edward Stewart AKA NewLyfe grew up in Tallulah, Louisiana. A life of crime followed which was the norm for his little neighborhood separated by a single train track that opposing gang members dare not cross.

For Edward being a man was defined by how much money you could make or steal and how many girls you could get. He struggled to see the difference but had praying uncle and grand mother who lived their faith out loud. It encouraged as he got older to believe in something greater than himself. He moved from Tallulah to Texas to escape that way of life and due to the passing of his grandfather.

Those ways of life were hard to shake and continued for a short while as he got into more trouble and gave birth to his first child at the age of 17. He later gave his life to Christ at age of 18 and immediately started rapping to express his new found faith. He has never stop running for the Lord Jesus and encourages other to continue going hard as he explains in a song entitled "Race of my Life."

Newlyfe attends Crossroads Tabernacle and serves with the youth attempting to impact their lives on a consistent basis in a way that he never witnessed as a young child in his hometown.

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