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Posted on Mar 10, 2015

[watch.] Karen Jewels “God Over Money”


God Over Money: The video is set on a Monopoly game board as Karen Jewels tells the story of the struggle some face from “trying to make a dolla out of 15 cents”, to deciding to live the fast life to make ends meet. In a world that pushes cash, cars and sex over trying live right, Karen makes it clear she will always choose God Over Money.

The song is written and performed by Karen Jewels, Founder and CEO of Upright Music Republic and produced by label-mate, Quinten “Q-PON” Coblentz (‘You Will’ Andy Mineo – Heroes For Sale Remix EP & ‘Don’t Let Me Stop’ ShopĂ© – Q-PON Acoustic Remix) .

God Over Money’ is a single off of the Life Movements Compilation presented by Upright Music Republic and will also be on Karen Jewels’ second full length album ‘Element 79’ scheduled for release later this year.

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