[listen.] Music Producer Kriss Liss makes her Artist debut with new single “Glowry”



Louisville, KY – October 16, 2015 – “Glowry” is the debut stand-alone single from independent Louisville, KY artist and music producer Kriss Liss released on October 16th. On the completely self-produced track, Kriss Liss combines silky vocals, dreamy pads, pulsating bass, glitching synths, and a thumping beat to create an R&B banger that celebrates the glory of Jesus.

“Glowry” is the first of a string of singles that Kriss Liss will release this year, aiming to grow her fanbase and buzz with each release. Using the “SuperPhone” technology developed by super producer Ryan Leslie and Disruptive Multimedia, Kriss Liss is giving out her private phone number in order to connect with each fan personally. To keep in touch with Kriss Liss, text her at +1-502-287-1662.
Kriss Liss is a 22 year old artist and music producer from Louisville KY with a vital message enveloped in an ALT R&B sound.

Krystal “Kriss Liss” Gilbert
Business Cell: 502-744-9511

SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/KrissLiss
Twitter: @KrissLiss
Instagram: @KrissLiss
Facebook: http://facebook.com/ItsKrissLiss

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Written by KrissLiss

The message of 22 year old Louisville, KY native Kriss Liss is simple: no one is perfect. This idea sets the atmosphere in her music as she presents an alternative to the world’s temporary fixes. Her music possesses a message that anyone can glean from, regardless of their beliefs, giving it a quality that many listeners consider real and relatable. With a sound that lives in alternative R&B, journeying to hip hop, EDM, neo soul and anywhere in between, she feels at home with genre-bending artists like Frank Ocean, Jhene Aiko, and The Weeknd. Kriss Liss sidesteps ego and judgement to share her transparent truth via lush production, thoughtful lyrics, and soulful vocals.

Kriss Liss believes that she was saved by the resurrection of Jesus Christ and dedicates her life to spreading His philosophy of love. She believes that music is a gift from God that can be used for either good or evil and pushes for its good use. She strives to balance excellence in both the art and the message, not sacrificing quality in one for the other. She aims to make music that speaks to the everyday struggles of mankind while uncovering the spiritual remedy for our fallen nature. She hopes to evoke curiosity for Jesus in the minds of those who need Him the most.

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